Friday, November 2, 2012

December 2012 Burda Style picks

The last issue of the year from Burda Style magazine, in my opinion, is finally worth buying.

Lovely models, young and funky looking, yet with a classic timeless twist. Just what I always look for in clothes. And as for plus section- I think it is a real treat this time.

Lots of wintery models made for lodens and flannels- that pale blue jumper is absolutely fabulous and looks so cosy!

As for the evening wear, strict plain lines and luxury fabrics - perfect combination!

So here we are- the silent post- this time silence with admiration!

what do you think of that?

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  1. The photos here certainly look a lot more promising than the preview so I'm looking forward to getting this issue now, I really like the colourblock coat.

  2. yes, I am quite excited, however I haven't been near my sewing workshop for months ((((( but then Burda Style is a life-time addiction for me - I must get that issue!!!

  3. I agree, it looks promising. I can't wait to see when they post more.

  4. Check our FB page for even more (under Stay Connected tab top right)

  5. your all pictures are so nice and all style are amazing.

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