Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To sew or not to sew: Karl Lagerfeld's mini skirt

This is a dilemma: an interesting design, a pear-shaped body type, love of experimenting, constraints of "what is acceptable to wear locally". I give you Karl Lagerfeld's mini skirt:
It is undeniably gorgeous and I really love Karl lagerfeld's futuristic shapes and sexy designs. But could I pull it off? Or will it look simply laughable? Well one won't know till they try.....

I found an article on that K.L. collections on Style.com , I personally don't like this white jacket- it looks shapeless to me, I much prefer this one, longer, but with the same idea of the "lapel-ed" front hem

but if I was to spend some time with my sewing machine, my favourite and more practicle look is this one:

the skirt in white, a white high neck blouse/top and a sleek black jacket. Maybe this is it?

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