Monday, March 7, 2011

The best kept secret dress?

I am appalled!  After a few month I found out that Burda Magazine 10/2010 has a dress, that is only availbale for download on their German site. So What did all Russian, English, Italian and French fans did to them, that they were all deprived of such an amazing dress, far better than anything in that issue!!!

Well, it immediately went on my next to sew list, I love the assimetric pleats on the front, there are two zippers in the shoulder seams and an invisible zipper on the side, however if you are using a stretch material it is not nessesary. I just received a very nice marl grey ponte double knit 4 way stretch jerseythat could be perfect for it.

All these are ready-made versions from members - looks great, I  think. Will try to give it a go soon.


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