Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Clean Time- my creative space

Sometimes, or should I say every spring, everything in the world feels the need of renovation and revival. Spring clean is a must to free yourself of old burdens and debris of winter blues.

I am not an exception and after the last post, I to admit, I have been feeling overwhelmed and demotivated, just could not get anything started at all!  I could not continue without a serious spring clean in my life. Every aspects has been looked at and some serious decisions made.

De-cluttering the space around is always a good start on clearing up messy life spells. One of the areas has definitely been in need of massive de-cluttering and re-organising is my sewing den!

So today is the day- and I am proud to say- I am half way there and it is looking good so far! I feel the room needs a touch of paint, something bright and colourful, but I am taking one step at a time.

This is only phase one, there still an enormous task of sorting out my fabrics- there is not a lot, but I feel there are good few that just not really going to be used- so I am putting them on for sale.

So, phase two is to organise my fabric stash. I use old hamper boxes, one for scraps, one for woven, one for knits and linings.

Overall- I am happy enough with my spring clean! Hope it will bring back my inspiration and creative energy again- I am up for it, bring it on!!!!!!!!

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