Monday, June 11, 2012

My 101st post: Blogs I Love

I almost missed it, my 100th post. Life was quite hectic recently and I have been putting my Sewing and Style Den on hold a bit, so when I posted the new Giveaway announcement, I thought it might be all for the time being. There are a few ideas and a finished garment on the way, a football match tonight might even give me a chance to get it all done, but I feel that I should use my first three digit post to share my passion for other bloggers.

My Google Reader view ( pictured: TJ from The Perfect Nose)

I have around 200 blogs in my Google Reader collection and I read through them almost every day.  30 of them are marked as favourites, but it would be unfair to say that the ones that are not marked are in any way less worth attention. In no particular order here are a few of my top reads.

I think I usually favour those bloggers, that give more practical information- tutorials, pattern makers, tips and tricks etc. There are a few massive ones like Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing,  adventures in dressmaking, Fehr Trade, Tilly and the Buttons to name just a couple with thousands of followers and well deserved so.

One particular one, I go to for tips and tricks is Pattern-Scissors- Cloth blogged by Sherry all the way from New Zealand. Her Tricks of the Trade page is like a sewing guide: easy to follow detailed instructions, photo close-ups- everything you need to learn a particular technique. My invisible zips had never looked so good since I used Sherry's tricks.

Rhonda's Creative Life blog is also amazing source of sewing information, particularly for pattern alterations. Rhonda's blog offers a few categories, like Sleeves on Saturday, Monday Morning Inspiration, The Wednesday Showcase- a little bit of everything for everyone, and heaps of experience to pass on, plus free pattern making tips.

Not every blog I read though is from someone experienced. My long distance friend from Denmark- Anna Aa. just started blogging and I think she is doing very well- please check her blog DIY DK and make sure you follow it- I think she has a lot to offer and deserves our support.

The Perfect Nose (first photo on this post) is quite interesting, TJ is tapping into Japanese draping recently, I enjoy her projects and her blog, she is great!  My dear friend Traci from My Handmadehappiness is doing very well- she started writing for Abakhan fabrics' website recently- how exciting!

Rachel Pinheiro

Another blogger, online friend and an inspiration- Brazilian stunner Rachel of House of Pinheiro. She is always organizing something exciting, getting people together whether it is a fabric shopping trip (which I can never join living too far) or in an online campaign, like her recent pincushion swap.  She says she is relatively new to sewing, comparing to some other blogging seamstresses, but I think she gets it absolutely right, her projects are very good, and she does a lot of research- I enjoy her book reviews posts, and tutorials too. Not to mention all the delicious bakery- yummy all around!


I also favour those blogs that are great read like Oonabaloona's -  not just a great seamstress, her blogging style is unique, humorous, very engaging and simply fun! Makes me feel a bit on a jealous side sometimes, as I am not even blogging in my own language… I love her photos too- not too perfect, a bit crazy, bright and happy, so much in tune with the writing.  Reading her blog is like a trip to a different world, filled with positivity and light! What a place to escape to! Wonderful!

These are just a few names, but there's so many more, and I am eternally grateful to each one of them for the inspiration they bring into my life.

And now, from my own one hundred and first post onwards, my blog humbly continues, with a secret home someone out there will feel the same about my work too some day!

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  1. Thanks sweetheart , for such lovely comments. I read all thoses blogs for very similar reason. It's so great to be able to be part of a growing community of talent ladies. Inspiration is defiantly contagious x

  2. Holy crap, am I officially massive now? ;) Congrats on reaching triple digits!!

  3. Yo sis, this is the fact of life- just accept it! You are the bomb!

  4. very welcome! Love that photo- very sexy!

  5. expressing my gratitude to the fellow bloggers is the least I could do to mark the occasion

  6. In your top ten?!?!?!? How very lovely of you.... You have just put a massive smile on my face!! Thanx a million :D Congrats on the 101 post!!  I love most of the blogs you have up there a few new ones I may have to go investigate!  Have a great Friday! xxx

  7. thanks- how could I leave you out!!!

  8. oh my good sweet flipping goodness. i can't wipe the smile off my face. i just popped over through craftsy and immediately fell in love with YOUR blog, so this is a pleasant and perfectly brat pleasing surprise to read such compliments! thank you so much... i will certainly raise a glass of wine to you tonight, as your "more wine, por favor" top was the beauty that brought me here.

  9. well, when oonabaloona herself follows you- you must surely be on the right track. I would love to join you with my own glass of wine (right as I type it is lovely Barbera d'Asti in my glass) but swimming across the ocean right now is a bit of a chore. Too drunk! LOL Some day though! For a bottle or two )))))


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