Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Heaven

Being back in Ireland after a whole nine days in sunny Mallorca is not just hard... It is absolutely unbearable!!!! Everything around looks like it is painted a shade of gray, it is rainy, gloomy, sore and uninspiring. The holiday seems like a dream already, and it has only been a few days…

Mallorca for me is the ultimate place on earth that ticks all the necessary boxes.
It is a STUNNING island, we toured almost all of the island on a motorbike, and even though it is not the first time, we've seen so many amazing spots and unforgettable views, you will have to tour the whole of mainland Mediterania for days to finds similar views, but in Mallorca they are all just around the corner from each other- it is a Med in a nutshell with a hint of Caribbean too!!! Just look at those colours...

And the FOOD is SUBLIME (anything made here can be the best you can get- whether is is Spanish, Italian or Japanese for that matter. This is a gourmand's heaven!!!) and the variety of drinks is breathtaking…

The middle shot is a spring lamb, the speciality of Deia, a cute mountain village in the north of the island. Cooked to perfection, being such a cliche, describes precisely what you should expect. Visit Xelini Restaurante for best experience. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Douglas had a right idea making this their home place, as the quality of food, together with amazing location is simply hard to beat.

The best place for coccinillo asado (succulent baby pig) proved to be in Meson C'an Torrat in Calvia. Everything on the plate came from their own farm, and the colour and taste of the pork crackling was the best I have ever experienced.
Not to mention grilled asparagus with a sprinkle of sea salt for a starter, and home grown melon for fruta del dia. Bliss!

To my absolute delight and surprise Japanese sushi of all things seem to have really become a hit in Mallorka since 2010, when I was there last. Whether a California Roll, or Tuna Sashimi-  expect superb quality and heavenly presentation too. And it was great to see sushi bars in every indoor market too. And while we are on the subject of indoor markets, oyster bars too!

In terms of fabric shopping, Mallorca is not too far from Ireland though, I regret to say. There were a few fabric shops in Palma I came across and a few markets down the country, but the fabric choice was quite unimpressive- nothing you will see in the UK or United States stores. Fabrics are mostly for interior design than dressmaking too. I admit to find it very disappointing, considering I would love to live in Mallorca one day, but I suppose online shopping will have to work for me over there too ))))

But so far, I am back trying to settle in, sad and missing my dream homeland already….

A few thoughts for the future:

  • Must start exercising - after piling on 5 pound after all that good food, I definitely flaunted too much fat thighs around that water park on the last day. )))
  • Pack less rather than more for your holidays, when it comes to outfits, I ended up with a few I haven't worn once.
  • Suncream with a high factor a must for motorbiking trips- my knees and tops of my lower arms got really burnt during the trip.
  • Alcohol has a different effect in the heat, and also Spanish do not skimp on the pouring side. Must watch the drink intake, even if it is so delicious, like Palo? Is it nice to be drunk too much too early and spend the later part of the night hanging over every day? Not for me, thanks. 

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  1. Oh, I know how is it to come back to the gray and rainy Ireland. I used to live in Dublin until 2010. But after three years I could not stand being there any more, and I left. And, oh I remember, how unbearable it was to return to Ireland from a trip.
    I so agree with you about packing fewer outfits for a holiday! Besides having a light luggage on the way to your destination, there's always space for some unplanned fabric shopping ;)

  2. What a lovely post and the images are stunning.

  3. oh, don't rub it in LOL. No, I do not like living in Ireland, I am so sorry to say this. But my family is here for now, and I have to accept that it is being my home, whether I like it or not ((((( Maybe some day- gladly everyone in my household shares this dream, including my daughter. With a bit of luck!

  4. Cheers Tina, it took some effort to even post this, I am on a serious downer being home again

  5. You never know what the future is reserving! On the positive note, the flights from Ireland are pretty cheap and convenient to all places in Europe! Looking forward to more holiday pictures :)

  6. Wow! What gorgeous, inviting pictures! Your thighs couldn't be fat- even with an extra five pounds:-)

  7. I wouldn't even dare to post a photo my husband took from behind in the water park. Wouldn't even dare...

  8. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a great time :)

  9. great time but too short )))

  10. Wow, thanks so much for sharing. What a great holiday you must have had!

  11. We make sure we make most of it, especially keeping in mind where we have to go home to...


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