Wednesday, August 22, 2012

September Burda Style Inspirations

Just back from the bookstore with the new, Setember, Burda magazine and I am looking at "All Styles at a Glance page". A couple of items caught my eye instantly and I am very tempted to start tracing the patterns straight away too- very exciting!!!!

Of course, this year has been an interesting one, changing my whole attitude towards commercial and all other patterns, for that matter. I have dipped my toes into drafting my own patterns too, fitting techniques and approaches i have never explored before. As one stage I was convinced my Burda Style addiction is the thing of the past (well, the addiction part might actually be over, but I still use it and will in the foreseeable future). I then realized that the amount of fitting self-drafted pattern for a satisfactory result might even be even more time-consuming than in case of using a commercial pattern, and therefore neither is a perfect solution. In fact, I found the key to the best fit is this:

and I fully intend to be using this magic tool in my dressmaking adventures to it's full potential.

Back to September issue. There are three models I have preliminary chosen for my A/W wardrobe sewing. The first (left to right), jacket 132 is quite a challenge, but it is exactly the type of jacket I have been thinking of to wear with my recent Breaking The Spell peplum top . Cropped front to show of the peplum is perfect, yet the back is long enough to flatten the peplums bonnet. And, of course, it will look good style as it is suggested by the editors too- skinny jeans, basic pullover and heels. 

Speaking of pullovers, let's move on to the pick number two-  very basic cowl neck top. Very flattering draping on one side and the bottom of the sleeves, dead easy to make- a couple of hours job, really. 

The third pick, on the right, is another pullover. I call it an Audrey top (even though there are obvious design deviations from the famous grey Holly's pullover in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", I just can't help but thinking of her when I look at this model).  It will need a very soft and voluminous type of fabric, something like suggested wool velour or a really thick fleece. Warm and cosy is the key. and also it has a lovely v-neck at the back, which is not obvious on photos of any of the versions. (Again,  a message to the photographers and editors of Burda, what a disappointment- if you create a model with an interesting detail, why not emphasize it in your photo showcase? Makes no sense!)

And now, let's move on to my favoutite photo of the issue, a beautifully structured little black dress, worn with a micro bolero jacket. Very futuristic! Is it for me? The style is definitely my cup of tea- I love everything sharp and clean, but the bodycon shape wouldn't be the best for me, so this one will stay with me purelly in my dreams. Sigh!

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