Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn 2012 wardrobe essentials (sewing Burda)

October is here and the fact that the Autumn is here is as solid as it gets. There is no illusions, they were all taken away by this pandemic flu all of us suffering from over here in the South of Ireland. So it is time to look over the wardrobe and make sure it has all the autumn essentials.  

So, voila, here is my guide to a handful of must have items for this autumn and some Burda patterns suggestions too.

1. Turtleneck ( in white or black)

2. Fitted Jacket
Burda 9/2012

3. Little Black Dress
Burda 9/2012

4. Pencil Skirt

Burda 01/2011
5. White Shirt
Burda 05/2012

6. Coat
Burda 9/2012

The other non-sew items must include:
  • a cosy cashemere pullover 

  • Knitted Cardigan (give it a go yourself)

  • High heel leather boots

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  1. Great picks, my favourite is the tuxedo jacket with the one white lapel!

  2. I love your selection! lots of these patterns are on my to do list too, but I'm now into spring sewing...

  3. I am really keen on giving it a try. I have some blue gabardine, and blue velvet for the lapel. Or red lapel.... still deciding

  4. way ahead of me )))) but then in Ireland, it is always one season, so most of the clothes are all year rounders

  5. Also I just got promoted ))))) but seriously have no time for sewing (((((( What a dillemma!!!!


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