Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burda 4/2013 picks

Have you heard the expression "true love never dies"? Of course you have, and it is as true as the fact that a true addiction never dies either. No, I am not back sewing, and yes, this is another Burda picks post. In fact not the most interesting one, as Burda once again fails to impress this April. Plain lines are good as long as they are not too plain, I hardly found inspiration flicking through the preview photos. 

Actually, I only looked at it as there over 50 people started following my blog on Bloglovin' in the last week without any explanation, as i was off the radar for so long. 

One and only dress that I loved - once again not due to a fancy pattern, but a gorgeous neckline embellishment will hardly make me reach for my wallet. No wonder they used it as a cover shot- what else is there to showcase? 

Here is my question, Burda editors, why encourage beginner level sewing so much? I grew up on the 90s and 00s issues full of interesting and often challenging cuts, that would require sharpening your sewing knowledge, and is developing your skill not the whole point of sewing these days (versus much easier shopping, huh?) 

I am bored to my teeth looking at these patterns, please please please stop producing this low value issues, Burda team. Maybe you should hire back all those retired designers from the old days to guide you and possibly teach you about interesting and exciting pattern designs? 

What is going on? I need inspiration to go back and dig into the pile of fabric cuts that have been  untouched for so many months. I have nothing to wear and mot much that fits- perfect scenario to lock myself  in my sewing room.... yet, no.  Your issue makes me want to go shopping  cheep and cheerful dresses from China on ebay.com 

And as much as I love Cinema Paradiso, I doubt I will be sewing any of those outfits anytime soon (or hopefully ever)

I am not really picking on you, Burda, but my loyalty is going through some serious turbulence right now. There is nothing to pick. Again.

And Joanna Lumley has nothing to do with it - I just found think she looked HOTTER in that naff 80's shot than anything from Burda April's issue! 

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  1. Hello!
    Not very impressed either, and I agree, the first one in the only interesting one.
    Glad to see you back

  2. Please find something to inspire as I miss your creations:) and posts.

  3. I believe they are trying to encourage people to pick up sewing...and unless you start from scratch it's very hard...In a way I do understand them...but I also have a petition onogoing to ask for more http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Upgrade_Burdastyle_Magazine_to_21_century/

  4. I share your frustration with the recent Burda Issues. I've even started buying envelope patterns again lately, just because it's not worth the effort tracing off simple basic shapes from the maze of lines on the Burda pattern sheets.

  5. I would contribute the increase in followers to Google reader going to the crapper and people searching for sewing blogs in blog lovin, which by the way is exactly how I found your blog. I am actually kinda glad that I didn't renew my Burda subscription this year. I had a baby in December and quite frankly couldn't afford it, but looking at all the reviews of this years editions I'm not missing much! thanks.

  6. Thanks, Great to be back, really want to actually make something and blog about it rather that bitching about the failures of Burda editors.... again.

  7. January one is good, still didn't get to make some of the dresses, but fully intend to. I lost a size in the hips and left without trousers that fit too LOL. But so far I am talking more than actually doing stuff.

  8. way too many begiiner level sewing mags in my opinion, way too many...

  9. simple basic shapes.... yes they do work sometimes, but not Every time

  10. funnily enough I once used to be hooked up on Google reader, but not for the last 3 months, I didn't even know it is leaving us... so many handy links in one place. However after 3 months break it is an easily abandoned habit


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