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My name is Juliette, welcome to Sewing and Style Den - a place for my passion for all things about sewing: projects, fabrics, magazine reviews and picks, great shopping bargains and useful links and tutorials.

I am a keen dressmaker and a fashion lover. I love sewing in my little workshop and when I am not in there, I spend a lot of time surfing online sewing communities and sharing my experiences.

Sewing is not my only pet interest- I am fond of photography and photo editing, I love finding good tricks in everything to make life easier. My ultimate goal is to design and publish my own downloadable patterns and I am working hard towards my dream.

 My taste in fashion is driven towards contemporary, rather than vintage. I love convenient clothes with a touch of glamour and elegance and this is what determines most of my projects.

My second next passion is music of all sorts, from 50s Standards to Will I Am. I grew up deeply involved in music, singing with lots of band as a child and young woman, however how my involvement has taken another turn: my husband-to-be of many years is one of the most talented producers in the country and that is quite enough for me to be able to support his musical greatness. Here are a few songs from his original production band Amasis, who won Most Promising New Artist Meteor Award in 2010.

Me and my husband are also into motorbikes. We love touring and we are quite hardcore, when it comes to big trips (whenever we can).
We like a kind of travel that gives you the sense of absolute freedom- no planning and no hotels booked. You can wake up in the morning, pick a direction, wherever you heart tells you, and go exploring the world. The feeling is truly spectacular. In 2005 we covered half of Europe in 12 days. You can read about it here. In 2009 we explored the island of Mallorca, which had so much to offer for a perfect biking adventure.

Back to the sewing and the blog.  Sewing and Style Den is also a growing community and we have a page on Facebook, we are on Twitter,  Bloglovin.com, Sew Weekly, PatternReview.com, Burdastyle.com and Burda Fashion.ru to name just a few.

I also run a Burda Sewing Club Ireland ( BSC ROI) on Facebook. New members are all very welcome!

Please follow Sewing and Style Den and feel free to link back to it. If you want to post your own blog here, or even write a guest post- please email me directly though blogger profile or leave a comment!

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