Thursday, November 25, 2010

The importance of being precise

I just have to make this confession.... I rush! And it is not because I am Russian, I just have very little patience.  So there is me being so proud of my perfect curved seams I totally messed up the zipper and the whole side seam!!!!  It just looks wrong and pulling badly under the zipper. Or should I BE TOTALLY HONEST  and say that the initial zipper insertion result was so bad that I decided to simply have a fully exposed zipper- thankfully it is acceptable in garments these days. 

Where do I go from here? There is a seam ripper beside me and this is definitely one way to do it, but then what about all of my work on the waistline, the hem,  etc etc ????

Or I can just leave it, and move on with a disgusting feeling of being a loser and giving up so quickly again.

It is 22.30 and my husband is working late tonight....

SEAM RIPPER- HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!  or not?

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my Celebration Blouse. Just stopping by to check out your blog.

    I can totally relate to these incidents. After you put so much work into something, it can be pretty devastating when you have to redo it all. Your curved seams look AMAZING though. I've been eyeing that pattern, too.

    Good luck if you decide to bust out the seam ripper!


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