Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ode to Audrey (freezing and dreaming)

Audrey Hepburn has often been called one of the most beautiful women of all time. I have always admired her, however, it was not until about a month ago that I have seen "Breakfast at Tiffani's" for the first time. This was the day the world changed for me. A little, but significantly enough to obsess over her famous black dress with a deep back opening- so feminine and so powerful. Unfortunately, as much I as would love to, there is no chance for me to duplicate this dress, just simply because it would be condemned to stay inside my wardrobe forever.

Until today

This evening I finally found the solution for my annoying problem: I found a gorgeous dress in Burda 8/2010

Fabric:It is originally made from duchess, but I have something different in mind for it- the top part of the bustier and the parts you tie will be made from a dark red crepe, and for the rest I have a bi-stretch red suiting fabric in the same shade as crepe. This will make the narrow silhouette look very feminine, hiding imperfections

Design: As much as I love the top part of the dress- I absolutely hate the bottom- this will just make me look huge around the hips and won't do me any favours. So..... I am going to cheat. remember the black skirt with curved seams I blogged about last week? I reckon this dress will look amasing with the skirt like that one on the bottom. Just need to make sure the princess seams on the top and the skirt are aligned at the back, but that is a doable task)))
Here is a sketch:

The Jury is still out on keeping the ties at the back or omitting them altogether as in Audrey's dress. The argument in favour of not having a bulky feature at the back is that I have enough suiting fabric to make a cropped jacket to suit the dress ( something like this)

So let's get down to business! I'll keep you posted

P.S.: Ireland is covered in snow (it almost never happens) and my workshop room is FREEZING!!!!! My Job is closed for a week ( no wages!!!!) So feeding my family plain potatoes (hahaha - we are snowed in and can't get to the shop- the roads are not gritted and nobody has winter tyres in Ireland - imagine that!!!!) and making plans is all I have left to do.

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  1. I've admired the Burda dress you highlight. I really like your thinking with putting the curved skirt with the top. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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