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A pair of shorts for a Pear?

Shorts are one the sexiest outfits you can ever pick up from your wardrobe. Especially this Spring 2011, the shorts are on. You can choose from satin short, cotton shorts, patterned short, monochromatic shorts. It is better to buy floral patterned shorts, because it is spring. It is a great decision, if you pair your new shorts with one of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 shoes, for example with butterfly detail. Pair your shorts with a blazer, or with a cardigan

Or so they say...... but what do you do if the widest  measurements of your body is your hips/thighs? If anything shorter than a 15cm above your knees makes your legs look laughable and totally undermine anything great you were blessed with? Well I am one of them, at least for the last 6 years..... When I was in my 20's I never had to think about these things and life surely was sweeter then. Now though, in my mid-30s, I have discovered the taste of constant dieting, pressure of exercising (oh yes, it is a VibroPlate in my workshop you can see at the back of my bodyform-based pictures), nightmares of missing a mortgage payment and crow feet in the corner of my eyes...  But hey, no moaning here! I have always believed that there's something better awaiting us around the corner and i am surely ready to embrace it whatever it may be!

But back to shorts. I love them, adore them, drool over them in shops for hours and I don't owe a single pair..... because as soon as I put them on, i start wishing there is a rewind button I could press to go back to the moment I decided to try them on and erase even the memory of the thought of trying them on. This love seems doomed to be platonic (((

But maybe not?

Today I came across this small article in one of online forums and I think it is a great piece of advice for those slightly ( and only slightly) unfortunate pears like me. Hope you find it useful too.

The Best Shorts for Pear Shaped Women

Kimberley Heit

 In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few pairs of shorts. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing shorts that flatter pear shaped women.
guide to choosing shorts that flatter pear shaped women.

Style & cut

Pears often have trouble finding shorts that fit at both the waist and hips. To get around this fit problem look for styles with elastic or drawstring waists or drawstring waists. Some styles that have dart fitting at the waist may suit your figure type also. Or consider buying a style that fits through the hips and have it tailored to fit at the waist.

Pear shaped women often have the appearance of shorter legs; to extend your leg line visually it is a good idea to select a pair of shorts with a slightly raised waistline. Avoid low rise styles because they will not only diminish your leg line, but bring the eyes to rest on your fullest area. You also want to look for shorts that are cut a little higher in the back to accommodate your curvy behind when sitting and bending over, unless you don't mind having your underwear on show.

When it comes to length, go for longer styles that will help draw the eye away from your bottom. Where possible, aim for shorts that hit at the knee or lower. Avoid slim fitting styles or styles that taper inwards towards the knee. These will make the difference between your top and bottom size glaringly obvious. You want to look for straight cuts or styles that have a slight A line shape to them. These will help balance your figure.

Color & print

The most flattering color and print for pair shaped women is something dark and plain. Consider colors like black, navy, charcoal gray or dark brown. The only print that tends to be flattering is a fine vertical pinstripe; this draws the eyes down the body, rather than outwards. Wide stripes don't tend to have as much of a slimming effect and some can even add visual width.


Typically steer clear of jersey fabrics or anything with a high percentage of Lycra, you'll be drawing attention to your fullest areas in a glaring way. You want to look for a structured fabric that can help disguise the region, or a nicely draping fabric that skims over the top. Try linen, denim, cotton chino, wool blend suiting and crepe. Avoid fabrics that are thick and textured, because these can add more volume to your lower half. Definitely steer clear of anything shiny like silk satins or sequined style fabrics.

Decoration & details

Where possible avoid shorts that feature pockets of any kind, or only choose those that have besom or jet pockets, because these do not add any volume. Flap pockets will add extra visual weight to your full area, and side seam pockets have a tendency to pull across your body. Also avoid shorts that have horizontal seam lines or panels, belt details at the hips, and pleats. Ideally you are looking for sleek, streamlined styles that are completely fuss free. Save decorative touches for above the waist on your smaller top half.

More advise for a pear-shaped body

The key is still balancing the difference between the top and bottom part of your body. We can achieve this by drawing attention upward, de-emphasizing the bottom part of your body and elongating your legs.

Drawing attention upwards:

  • Wear the best possible bra. Giving your bust line the shape and support it needs will define your waist and create curves in all the right places.
  • Strive to create an “A-line” silhouette with your clothing. You look exceptional in dresses and should take advantage of this ultra-feminine look all year round.
  • Always wear slim fitting tops, sweaters, cardigans and button down shirts. Choose styles that define your waist and show off your torso. Boxy trapeze jackets continue to be all the rage and you can absolutely wear them (despite the fact that this goes against the rules) if you keep them cropped, fitted snugly at the shoulders and matched with a longer and slim layer underneath.
  • Wear V-neck tops and create V-neck shapes with your layers. V-shapes elongate your neck and draw attention to your slim midsection giving definition where you want it.
  • Keep your shoulder line strong and refrain from wearing items with “a sloppy shoulder line”. It’s imperative that your clothing fits you properly on your shoulders because the eye is drawn to definition.
  • Select tops, knitwear, jackets and coats with interest. Tops with wide cuffs, bell sleeves, ruffles, embellishment, rushing, vertical seaming detail, large collar/lapels, wraps and princess lines are good choices. These design features naturally deflect the eye upwards. The voluminous sleeve trend was made for you.
  • The length of your tops should either catch you just below your hipbone or around the knee. Avoid lengths that finish straight over your bottom or straight across your thighs. You can sport the leggings look with the right A-line dress because this look is about the dress and not the leggings.
  • Layer your garments. Pop longer length camisoles underneath your knitted tops and shirts. They should finish just above your crotch point. Pop a fitted shorter jacket or sweater as a third layer over these layers for the most flattering effect. The layers automatically create a visual balance between the top and bottom half of your body.
  • Accessorize the top part of your body well, with necklaces, specs, earrings, hair clips (but not all together). Sport one statement accessory at a time.
  • Consider wearing a waist belt over your tops for extra definition. Wear your belt a little lower if you’re short-waisted.

and very importantly

“De-emphasizing” the bottom and elongating your legs:

  • Keep your bottom choices simple and structured, thereby saving all the visual interest for your tops. No cargo pockets, waistband details, side entry pockets, pleats, drawstrings, elastication or hip embellishments. Curvy women can wear skinnies, if you match them with A-line tunics, dresses and heels. Trust me, it’s a fab look!
  • Keep the front part of your pants free of detail and your rise mid in length (not too high or low). Make sure that there is enough ease through the hip and thigh. Fabrics with stretch are your best bet.
  • Keep the hems of your pants wide (boot cut or flared) if you’re not sporting “the skinnies and tunics” silhouette. Pants that skim along the contour of your thighs always work best.
  • Keep walk shorts straight from the thigh down and knee-length (like a cullotte) and avoid lengths shorter than this.
  • Don’t force yourself to wear pants and jeans if you look and feel fabulous in skirts and dresses. Knee length A-line skirts with vertical panel seaming are best. Stay clear of bias-cut skirts and pencil skirts. Ankle length A-line styles work particularly well for tall pear-shaped gals.
  • Wear pointy-toed shoes (if you can) with pants that are wide at the hem to elongate the leg.
  • Wearing some sort of heel (even if it’s just an inch) whenever you can will give you the height that automatically slims down curves. Simple rule: the curvier your bottom, the longer and wider you’ll need to wear your pants and the higher you’ll need to wear your heel to balance out your silhouette. This is especially effective if you sport the correct pants length (hems should skim the surface of the ground).
  • Be mindful of shoes with ankle straps. They might break the long vertical line that you are trying to create.
  • Wearing heeled knee high boots that are slim at the ankle with skirts or dresses in cooler weather is a great leg-flattering look.


  1. I really don't think it's that much of a problem if you're skinny legged. If you have "musculous" inner thighs, it becomes really problematic because the shorts will bunch up between your legs as you walk. Believe me, this is not a flattering look...

  2. lin3arossa - you are so right! The whole idea of me blogging about shorts is to try and conquer the fear of looking ridiculous wearing them- Well as skinny as I could look in photos, my thighs won't allow me to wear most of my favourite designes ((((


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