Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!!!!!! Bye Bye personal Facebook profile!!!!

Well, my friends, the holidays are over and it is a good time to look at the current state of things and make some decisions, create resolutions and try, really really hard, to stick to them as long as you can. Well, easier said than done, you'd think. But why not? What the hell? At least, give it a go. 

My first resolution for this year was to get off Facebook... Well not completely, as I am enjoying running my Sewing and Style page, but just the other day I read this article about a girl closing her FB profile. Her view on this was that social networks do nothing but make you feel like other people have better life than you do. Interesting.

I have to admit, since I joined this network I have developed a sick obsession with pointlessly staring at other people's statuses and posts, I spend hours flicking from home page to profile(s) and back. I rushed to share any very impostant fact, like "I am bored" or " dying of flu" and every time I had a picture taken, uploading it on my FB profile, was probably the first thing crossing my mind... Is this a good picture of a happy person with an eventful life? I really don't think so!   It scared me deeply to see what I've become, I haven't read a decent book in months and my dressmaking ideas stay at the idea level much longer than they ever should have been.  So I did it. I deactivated my profile, I created an alternative profile- no friends made- to access pages management and i am soooo looking forward to the year ahead!!!!!!!!

Well, the other new realisation was to do with this dress- I was dreaming of making it for weeks, even featured it on Caught My Eye... page, but since the magazine is out, I have seen a few sewn versions of it on Russian Burda site and it kind of puts me off a little. Go see for yourself
and tell me what you think- does it look very "eastern European" - you know what i mean- no offense to anyone, I am one of them myself, but one thing I do not fully support is the general public's dress sense in that part of the world. That is why I need a bit of feedback on this one.

I have been browsing other blogs a lot recently and found this fantastic site for wardrobe remakes- as far as I got it, the lady who blogs buys very cheap jersey tops and remakes them according to fashion trends. And I lost the link, so will update this part when I find it again!

My mom-in-law has been staying with us for over two weeks and I had to convert my workshop into a guest bedroom for the duration of her stay, so i was unable to make anything for myself recently, and I really miss my sewing machine now, so from Thursday (the day she is leaving) my plan is to sew sew sew like there's no tomorrow!!!!! However, for now, i am getting all my magazines out to refuel my inspiration. This year i would like to make more jersey-based clothes, I have a great seller on ebay with an amasing selection of stretch fabrics, and their service is excellent. 

I have a small amount of wet look black leather resembling stretch jersey I purchased for my Von Trash dress insets, and i am thinking of making something like this top from Burda WF 10/2010. It could go quite nicely over a black high neck pullover, to make it look less BDSM-ish ))))) with a pair of skinny dark gray satin trousers I bought on sale from Vera Moda last year - hmm, could be good, and it looks very easy to make. 

I also want to make a warm dress or two for the cold weather- apparently my husband has an obsession with winter dresses- how nice to find out after 6 years together. In Ireland you can't afford wearing little kinky dresses all year around (in fact, the warmest temperature here is +25 and it feels like +20,at all times due to the chilli breeze, so it is a no win situation either way) 

And it is very promising to know that you can still look very attractive in a thick winter dress - as long as it drifts towards late 60's kinky style with a pair of sexy woolen tights ))))) Well, I intend not to disappoint him in the year 2011! I already have a collection of old movies like "Diamond are Forever"and so on to steel some ideas

So on this positive note, I am retiring to my pattern magazines: burdas, patroneses and boutiques and I will be in touch soon, hopefully showcasing some new garments))))

Happy New Year!!!!!!


  1. Happy New Year and have fun making those winter dresses!

  2. Yes, I don't want to uphold any prejudices but that negative idea about that dress was exactly what flashed through my mind as soon as I clapped eyes on it. In fact quite a lot of that edition of Burda made me think that!

  3. I love winter dresses! For a long time I preferred my dresses sleeveless, but now I am loving long or 3/4 sleeves. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  4. I look forward to seeing the dresses you create. You have lots of good inspiration there.


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