Wednesday, February 23, 2011

London Fahion Week Trends

From the Times here is a list of London Fashion Week 2011 main trends:


Heavy fringes: even better if they get in your eyes;

Ankle boots:best with mini skirts and opaque tights;

The YSL Downtown: in patent leather (so you can wipe off the champagne);

Leggings: yes, they are still here, and becoming more ski-pant style with every show;

Slogan T-shirts:. . . and bags – everywhere;

Leather jackets: cropped, black and not a motorbike in sight;

Blazers: the more tuxedo-style, the better.


There have been as many on the front row as on the catwalk. Every permutation from the panama (in February?), the bowler, the porkpie, the flat cap and even a high-topped Peruvian style (in red). Needless to say, no one removed the headwear inside, not even in that most traditional of British venues, Claridge’s ballroom. This is London Fashion Week: they like to break the rules.

Only the fashion folk do sunglasses in winter. OK, it has been quite sunny this week, but inside? In Claridge’s? Where you need a torch to read a menu even without shades? A step too far – or maybe someone’s hiding a hangover.

Amy Winehouse eye make-up
Predictable but inevitable. Cat’s flicks are de rigueur these days, and beehive hairdos aren’t far behind. Agyness Deyn wannabes – complete with blonde crops – were also back in force.

Reading glasses
 Heavy framed, square glasses are this week’s pervasive nod to geek chic. Whether or not the lenses are prescription is another matter.

On the catwalk
Fringeing, architectural shoulders, short skirts, weird tights, ruffles (everywhere), military coats, black (it’s back), high-waisted trousers.

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