Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burda Style May 2011 issue picks

I have to admit, the last 3 issues of BurdaStyle magazine didn't really impress me at all. A couple of ok models, but nothing special, really. So this one is finally a good one. To start with the holiday wardrobe section is breathtaking, I loved most models and the fabric suggestions.

Brights, colourful, bold- LOVE IT!

And the best ones are these two dresses, that are on my to sew list , subject to my subscrition company getting their act together- I always get the issues a month after they are on sale in the shop! Too bad the closest shop they sell  Burda is over a 100 km away!

This little dress reminds me of 60's little dresses with an Asian spice fused in for good measure. The fabric looks like some kind of thicker brocade, wouldn't you give half a kingdom for a couple of meters of it? I certainly would!

And this little gem is simply fantastic! Excellent raspberry trend, real pop-art, colour exposion! I think this time I will be definitely trying to replicate the magazine photo- it just looks so totally worth it.
More favourites:


  1. The beautiful fabrics help these rock. I bought one issue of BS and never made anything.

  2. I just got this issue, and yes, I loved those pieces too. But the 1st one I am gonna make is the simple one though, a jersey top.


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