Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dress 108 Burda 5/2011 (aka take§1: Dragon skin dress)

Today I started on this dress..... I had a cut of suede like fabric, that I bought a couple of month ago for the dress in a February Burda issue, but had too many distractions, so I never got to do anything with it. Now I think there was a special reason for it.

The pattern is great, the seams are beautiful an the dress parts fall together like an easy puzzle. It only needs just over  a meter of a 160cm wide fabric, which is great, you could invest in  really luxury one if you want. The dress pictured here is absolutely stunning largely due to its colourful marble-like jaquard fabric. To me it combines the impressions from the far east - I would love to find and use something like that.

Instead I used this brownish suede feel fabric. I was about to attach the zipper at the back, when my husband saw the dress in the making and was absolutely appauled by how hideous it looked.  I was quite puzzled at I didn't think the fabric was that bad, and even trying the dress on in front of the mirror, I felt it was looking fine. The scandal was about to erupt...

I did take a tea break and when I was back in my workshop, I decided to put the dress onto my dressform, to make some adjustments (as I wasn't going to give up)... when I saw clearly what my husband was on about.

The dress WAS hideous, it looked like some medieval princess dress, only if there were some chiffon sleeves attached. The fabric looked like a skin of a dragon or some other mythical animal, and the whole thing looked like the carnival costume at its best.

So here I am, still admiring the original dress, but disappointed about the morning wasted... But I will be making something using this pattern soon (I hope). A good idea is to use a softer fabric- as the skirt flares out quite strongly. I might also consider adding a standing collar to it- it might make it easier to attach the lining. Well time will show what's going to come out of it, but it won't be in brown suede for sure. LOL

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