Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holiday Wardrobe Ideas

This year's holiday is likely to be a later one, probably early October, but definitely somewhere very warm. South of Spain sounds good? Well we just have to wait and see, but meanwhile I am taking the opportunity to make some plans for my wardrobe.

There is a few key pieces I want to have and this time I would like to stick to one colour scheme to make the most of my suitcase space and yet to manage to pull different look every day and night.

A couple of garments I already have do dictate the theme. Here is a dress I made last summer for my trip to Mallorka.
Considering that my super-healthy eating habits in the last 10 month did bring amazing results and all extras around my tummy and thighs are now gone gone gone, this is a going to be a winning looking dress ( shimmering golden tan, heavy-ish but thin jersey) I drew the pattern from an old dress I used to have and love, and it is sewn in double fabric

The next piece is a maxi dress I bought very cheap in a local supermarket (who could have thought!) last summer. I absolutely love this dress, it makes me look so much taller and the colour suits my skin tone either tanned or pale.Here I am in Tallinn, Estonia- my hometown, with my mummy

It is a bit darker in this picture, so here's close up

and of course my brand new luxury gladiator style wedges!!!!

So we can see, the colours for this year are greish browns, sandy greens, khaki and simmers. I would love to through in a splash of bright colour, but I am still looking for the right combination. Must consult a colour wheel for inspirations.


Now for what I would love to have.

Animal print bikini or monokini- something brown/ golden or beige. With a bit of push up action for a good measure. Here is a nice one I am watching on ebay, and yes, some people find it risky to wear something like this, but for me it is much better than the current retro fashion, which is just not really my cup of tea. Plus this picture shows the monokini in a cheap light due to the model herself (no offense to the poor girl). My niece has one of them and it looks quite classy on a right person.

A kaftan seems to be a must for a beach holiday. There is a nice pattern in Burda 05/2011 and judging from some real-life versions made by a true Burda lover - it is a definite winner, when it comes to choosing the right one

this fabric could be perfect for it:

and I would love a playsuit- and this one from Patrones 303 (April) - by the way an amazing number !!!! Open back, halter neck, narrow trousers- yummy!!!! I am looking at a silky fabric for it, but I have to research a little before deciding on the type of silk I will use. NY Fashion Centre website, by the way, is a great source of information on silky fabrics. I want something light and flowy, but not too thin either. Hopefully in the similar colour, like above!

From the same Patrones number, there is a one shoulder stunning dress I spotted on a Burda forum today. It is so elegant and the pattern seems to be very good. I would love to get exact same fabric- it seems to be ideal! I've actually never had a one shoulder dress before, and this pattern looks like The One for me. I have found a lovely duchess satin fabric in coffee shade on ebay for it, just firstly I need to get the copy of the magazine (it's in the post) to double check the fabric quantity and requirements.

And, naturally I will need a pair of trousers. I would love something quite tight, ankle length with a bit of stretch in the fabric. And in the same issue we have these lovely narrow, safari looking pants. The top isn't bad at all too!!! 

So all I have to do now is to get back to my sewing machine, which I missed. Change of job and my Mom-in-law's cancer have been seriously impacting any quality time I wanted to have in my workshop. But I am hoping for things to brighten up. My job situation certainly did! And I still have a few months to work on these projects. So wish me luck!  


  1. So sorry about your mother-in-law! You and you loved ones will be in my prayers!
    I really like the clothes you've chosen to make for your vacation - with one exception. I'm not too keen on the bathing suit. But that's probably just me being old-fashioned. I bought one similar to it two years ago, in a khaki-ish green and I've never worn it.
    But otherwise: great choices! :-)

  2. Gosh you look amazing in those outfits, I really like that Patrones issue too. Also do you mind sharing whose blog you found the Burda cover up on?

  3. @ Allison. Did you mean the image of the burda cover? Just "google image"-ed it.


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