Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Should I stay or should I go? Part 1

I've had enough of planning, brainstorming, dreaming and browsing the patterns for future models! So last night I decided to go through all the existing fabrics in my storages and really I was left with a mixed feeling.  There was a lot of cuts of different fabrics, a few solid colour chiffons, azul blue satin (still unopened plastic bag), a few regular jerseys- nothing spectacular really. And a few lining-type fabrics too. Not hugely inspiring for the amount of space it is all taking. 

And then I came across this coat I was so excited to make a few month ago- it is a Burda 01/2011 cover girl's coat in blue, but blue is the last colour that would suit me, so I opted for red bi-stretch suiting. It looks very vintage, I have to admit. Not in a luxury way. It looks and feels like a thinner version of gabardine and very far from glamourous. This was probably one of the reasons i stopped working on it. The other reason was the pattern itself. the back part is so wide it felt like it was meant for someone with a huge hunchback. I admit I didn't adjust the pattern initialluy and I do have a narrower back that in Burda sizing, but this was way wider than I have ever come across before. And I have been using Burda patterns all my life, so I was very disappointed when I had to literally rip all the seams and re draft the back part. The next issue was the shape of the collar. It was simply weird. 

When I am looking at this picture from the magazine, I can see that the collar is somewhat like mine, but even looks like it is a different shape than the technical drawing. 
On my coat the collar does not join when the coat is on, and take my word for it I followed all instructions and markings properly- it is just not what the picture shows. One of the things that was driving me mad as it just looks wrong! And then I looked at the photo above and the collar there is clearly not joined either- so confusing!!! But mine was still a different shape to the photograph.

Here it is now ( forgive me the creased look, I didn't get a chance to give it a good pressing yet and it has been lying crunched in a bag for ages) The left side is what I had following the pattern instruction, The right side is what it looks like when I sewn the bottom end of the collar right into the front.  Looks more  like it, doesn't it?

But on the other side- this was a few month ago, and I don't really have that bunch of negative emotions when I look at this coat. So I am deciding to make a few adjustments. Firstly I am going to fix the collar. It will be topstiched before completing this part of my coat's revival. As for the fastening I don't want the big buttons - simply as I don't feel bothered with nice looking button-holes (maybe next-time, I have a suspicion they could be the cause of giving up again) So to avoid negativity, I ordered extra large red press studs, that I will attach using a decorative stitch visible from the outside. 

I might not line it either- there is a bit of a fabric used to line the pockets left over, so I am planning to make home made bias tape for the hem allowances and some of the main sometimes visible allowances. 
The sleeves are 3/4- love that, but the total length seems too long, so I will have to play it by eair, so I can wear this coat both with trousers and skirts with equal success. 

Well, this is it so far.  I am off to my sewing machine again and hopefully will be blogging about the finished product in a couple of days.

If anyone wondering why this post is about a coat and not light holiday garments I blogged about last time- the simple reason is the terrible cold June we are having here in Ireland. Very disappointing!
So a light coat is needed urgently and the holiday is still 3 month away. BTW here is a teaser - a fabric I purchased from the States for one of my future holiday dresses)))))

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