Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Much Information Tunic

I wanted to get the dress from January's issue of Burda 1/2011 since the moment i laid my eyes on the preview online, it just looked so stunning. Then I saw a few fellow seamstresses posting ready made versions on the forums and I just couldn't wait to make it.

I had a lovely shimmery brown jersey, very light and it suited perfectly. The dress was made in no time, but I decided to make the skirt panel much shorter, so it looks a bit younger and sexier. The dress was made and looked ok- I wanted to take some pictures and post it here. But the problem was- I didn't get a chance to wear it anywhere, as it is a bit too revealing for the local idea of appropriate and I hate the bra bit showing at the back too. Eventually I cut it a bit shorter into a tunic and wore with a little cardigan over.

Still, it is nice to showcase what you create, so here it is (with an appropriate underwear aсquired for backless garments, so no x-rated pictures here:

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