Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burda Style Magazine August 2011 -a few picks

The August Burda style preview has definitely made my day today. Just for my personal liking it is full of little crackers, that I find very wearable, cute and seamingly simple and quick to make.
This lovely feminine dress looks so airy and romantic. The good news that it is very versatile when it comes to the choice of fabric- jersey is perfect, but something light like chiffon would look great too and silk would make it super sleek!  

Both of these outfits I ADORE- casual, but elegant and so usable, par from the trousers, but then the same issue offers a different style as an alternative (below):

I do like this heritage look- especially a little mini in herringbone.

Again the whole outfit is stunning. I can almost feel the softness of the cardigan, love the ruffled front and then the skirt is super-slimming and definitely sexy!

This dress is meant as a 50's vintage, but for me it is an example of  timeless elegance- must have for the coming winter. 

So overall definitely worth checking out. My subscription is finished in June and I am not going to extend it this year- I think I am going to cherry pick the issues I buy- so many of 2011 Burda Style issues haven't even been used once. Plus their most popular patterns are always available on .  

Well, this is it! As it is the first seriously warm day in Ireland (12th July- around 25 degrees Celcius... wow, what a bad summer) I have been at the beach all morning and totally sunburnt at this stage, but as tomorrow it might rain again I better head off to the back garden to catch up the rest of the sunshine! 


  1. Hi Juliette! I agree with your choice - also liked the issue, the last dress is beautiful, and I also liked the tweed/herringbone ensemble. I would just add the cape they had in the issue as well.

  2. I'm with Marina about the cape. I ride a vintage bike and have set my sights on sewing it for lots of Autumn riding!

    I love the interchangeability of their separates. The issue will keep me going for a while I think :)


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