Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to the workshop

I am very guilty neglecting this blog recently. I am sorry, but things were a little hectic recently and there was a long pause in my sewing activity, which I am hoping to catch up with in the near future.

Every time I tried to start something new, there would be a few old things lying around in need of updating or adjusting. One of those is my last year's backless dress (pictured on the left).

My issue was the neck- the collar just wasn't stiff enough and even if it looks ok to everyone else, it just wasn't good enough for me. Unfortunately there was not enough fabric left over to play around with, so I decided to take a different route and added a long black satin tie-collar, which ties neatly at the back in a bow and creates rather glamorous look overall. It is more of a evening cocktail dress, as there's too much shimmer for the day use, but it served me perfectly well on my Spanish Holidays in the beginning of October.

Another remake of the recent garments was my "Too Much Information" tunic: though rather sexy and feminine on the picture, it was just simply impractical to wear on its own, having to be covered with a matching cardigan every time. The solution was to add decorative buttons on the edge of the wrap at the back to keep it from opening too low and revealing too much (hence the name). Little adjustment saved the day!

Now let's turn to the plans ahead. It is getting quite nippy here in Ireland and the main need these days is for the warmer clothes- maybe a couple of dresses, and definitely a few skirts, as I discovered that I have none! How did that happen??????
One of the handy patterns I have found , surprisingly is from the Aprils' issue of Burda 2011: very simple, but very versatile pattern ( pictured here is a version from my online fellow seamstress from Burda Fashion site)

Nothing like the picture in the magazine, which I thought was an awful example, this dress has definitely captured my attention in this presentation. Here's the original (BOOO): too long, too baggy and adds 20 extra years on the poor woman ))).

Well I am back in my workshop tonight trying this pattern out and hopefully will be posting the results here soon!  Make sure you check back!

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