Thursday, October 27, 2011

Should I stay or should I go? Part 2

So should I? That has been a question on my mind for month (since the end of June actually- check it out here).  The cover coat from Burda Style's January 11 captured my heart instantly, but making it simple broke it to pieces: the pattern didn't match the technical drawing, the back was terribly out of proportions and made me look like a Kwazimodo- I had to rip all seams and completely remeasure and recut the back yoke part .

Then I realised I attached the lining part of my inseam pockets to the back instead of front parts- so you could really see the bright coloured pocket linings, which would be ok, if it was on the both sides, but NO, it was just the one side and again, seam ripper out and off I go redoing it all again.

Then along came the sleeves...... Excuse me while I take a moment to wipe the tears in my eyes as even the memory of the disastrous attempts to set them in makes me well up with emotions.  No I didn't try to achieve perfection there, I just forced them in. Whatever. I think they ended up smaller than the arm-hole. Don't ask!

But at the end  I finished the coat. It is not lined, so I used a bit of lining fabric I had to line the pockets and made a bias bounding for the bottom hem to make it look prettier.

And here is the coat, it was hanging in a wardrobe for 3 month waiting for the jury to return with their verdict. And, frankly speaking, it is not all that bad, I felt quite nice wearing it and it definitely has an uplifting effect on you on a gloomy day.

I did fix the sleeves eventually, due to all support my fellow seamstresses showed me on Burdastyle and Russian Burda sites. Thanks again


  1. It looks very cute and I have a soft spot for red coats. As long as you're comfortable wearing it, you should definitely keep it!

  2. I think the jacket is killer. Your expectations must have gotten in the way of seeing what you actually have.


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