Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Frustration of Useless Clothes Making

I often find myself itching to make something and trying to use some of my fabric to satisfy that need, however... mostly I make something that is an odd garment and doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe, so it just goes to the back of the rail, often taken out for a quiet inspection ( with a sigh or two) and then returned back to it's prison. Never even worn out. It is sad though. The time is wasted, the fabric is cut into pieces and yet there is absolutely no point to the whole exercise.

What am I to do?

I know there are seamstresses out there who know exactly how I feel. So many fabrics to use, but none of them will really make a good addition to your wardrobe. I can't just chuck out all those old fabrics to start anew and only buy them for carefully planned outfits. I simply change my mind by the time I own them and they just add up to the pile.

Today I tried to make a skirt to match my burgundy coloured top in a darker burgundy satin crepe. I was using the shiny side on the inside, but when I started pressing the darts and the seams, I remembered why I haven't really made anything from satin for a while- simply because it is a nightmare to press!  The seam allowances leave a print on the other side and it just looks ugly.

In addition this skirt I tried to make without a pattern, in one part, just adding darts where needed. I eventually reached for a pattern to make it easier ( I am just too confused, even though it is a simle enough task, self-drafting is just too much hassle for me, I rather alter the ready made pattern). And so when the pressing time came, I just gave up and THREW IT ALL AWAY!!!!  And I feel relieved, as I don't actually think I would  ever wear that skirt EVER.

So now, it is getting colder and I find myself having no self-made outfits to parade, lots of fabrics I am beginning to hate and even more guilt that I actually feel this way! Oh, The Frustration!!! I am not even going to start on the absence of fabric shops around so I am stuck with what I have here (((

So the conclusion I now came up to is- plan the outfit and do not make odd garments. You'll just end up frustrated and worn out! Also get rid of the fabrics that have a potential to never be used in a properly thought through outfit! I just hope I will follow my own advise some day )))


  1. You have no idea how much I understand you. I have a lot of fabrics which I either got from other people or I bought on an impulse. I really can't see a good way to use them, and buying new fabrics seems such a waste. But in the end, I came to the same conclusion as you did. It makes no sense to use them.
    If you want to get rid of them, you can always try to sell them online. For a reasonable price, they might find a new home.

  2. I've had this thought, too. Although I still like most of the fabrics I have stashed...there are quite a few pieces that I was given for free and am strongly considering just getting rid of. But I'd definitely like to start purchasing fabric in a way that will help more of the things I sew go together. Maybe not a mini-wardrobe, persay, but more thoughtful purchases. (I'm trying to pare down my stash so I can feel ok about buying again, so freecycling some of the things I'm more ambivalent about should help. But I know I do have a few pieces of clothing that I've made that I'd really like to make some other things that go with.)

  3. Yes, exactly the same feeling for me. Like you said in your comment on my blog.


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