Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Season's Must Have's

I'd like to start with a big thanks for all who replied to my previous post sharing their frustration with occasionally making wardrobe misfits. Thank you. I think I needed a bit of encouragement to look through all my clothes again with a healthier attitude. Having my 11 year old daughter, who has grown so much recently- SHE CAN WEAR MY CLOTHES already ( maybe a belt needed for jeans, but in general everything fits). Well, I know this happens with ids, I just always thought I will have to face it later rather than sooner. (SIGH) 

Anyways, all my misfits have now travelled sucessfully into her wardrobe and I have much clearer picture o what I need for the winter season and also a few things I kept overlooking, like a pair of lovely straight black trousers, their floor length makes them ideal with very high heels platform shoes. 

I have a pair of heel sandals to use for the summer, but I also got myself a very nice pair of lace up ankle boots on ebay ( bless!)  I can't even start expresing my excitement and anticipation of wearing them with not only the trousers I rediscovered, but a few different looks. 

So my wardrobe gaps seem to cover two main areas: tunics, prefferably those you could wear over a long sleeved polo neck (it is freezing here already) and skirts (again, something sexy, but wintery)

I have looked through some of my old magazines and Burda patterns and there are the top favourites I would love to try making. 
I have a cut of a thick grey jersey and I would love to make a lined maxi skirt, to suit my grey Savida jacket, that I wore in Italy on 2009.

My pattern choice falls on the October Burda Magazine maxi skirt 103 (left).
I love the sexy mermaid silhouette - I think it will look fab (hope my hubby thinks the same- he is my worst critic LOL)

And then, of course, I am going to make a pencil skirt, or two- something very basic, as a building block for the outfits, so to speak. I am sure I will find a simple pattern in one of my mags in no time. 

The tunic dream is a bit trickier. The one that I love is a pattern you buy ( not a download) and they do  not ship to Ireland, and even to Estonia - even though it is on their shipment list- so I have to really search for a similar pattern. 
It is a very simple one, but I do prefer working with patterns to drafting them myself, so I'll keep searching. Anyone knows anything like this? Here is the drawing too- very simple:(please let me know if this rings a bell)
so these are the plans, I'll keep you posted.



  1. Greetings. I love your blog. I'd love to add that plaid midi to my wardrobe. As for the tunic, I looks similar to this:
    With a few modifications, I think you could get the look you want. I could pick one up for this week and post it, if you can't get it on line. PM and let me know.

  2. found even better one (simplicity) and downloaded it already- ill be making one very soon!

  3. What pattern number is the Burda tunic?


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