Monday, December 19, 2011

Next Project Picked

I must be addicted to As I started purchasing the Burda Style Magazine patterns on the site, instead of simply getting the whole issue full of lovely models to make. But my subscription is finished for now and the closest book store that stocks Burda Style magazine is a 100 km away ((((

So today my pick is this lovely dress. Gorgeous simple A-line dress with a cute bow in front. It has a distinctive vintage feel to it ( not my usual choice), but I just think it is adorable!
The whole process of making looks very simple as well, so apart from time spent on actually printing the pattern and putting it together, cutting it out etc ( Oh Yeah, my favourite part )))) I think it could be done in a matter of one afternoon. 

Now as for the fabric- it definitely calls for a soft, clingy flowing fabric. I have a few options, and I will still have to see what could look best and I want to see of the bow can be moved slightly to the side and making it a bit smaller. If it turns out well, I might even wear it to my work Christmas Do )))))

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  1. This is a lovely dress, can't wait to see what fabric you've picked out! Printing patterns and putting together my least favorite thing to do so kudos on your determination!


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