Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Set for Christmas ( Chantelle's first sewing steps)

Are you ready for the holiday season? Well I am for sure: the tree is up and the prezzies are wrapped. There is a lot of work for me on the weekends, but at least I am getting a few days over Christmas, when I don't have to think about anything, but joyfully enjoying time with my small family, especially that this is the very first Christmas it is just three of us in our house in Ireland (we always had guests staying over). And as much as we miss our belated nana and my mom, who lives in Estonia, I am so grateful this time it is all about my own little kingdom ))))

Chantelle, my daughter of 11 is starting to show serious interest in Dressmaking. Since she had a fabric based project at school a few weeks ago and I supervised her making a funky jersey top ( from Burda 5/2009), she's been begging me to do something else. So today I gave her a chance to make a Christmas Stocking. I didn't want to interfere, so it is not the most perfect stocking the world ever seen. But the main thing - she did it all by herself, following the instructions from this video and I am sure with a bit of practice, she will get into it just like I did. One thing I am so proud of- the family tradition seems to be passed to Chantelle (every woman in my family makes clothes). Great! I should now grant myself with a nice glass of wine to celebrate!


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