Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Re-styling: Just Enough Information Top

As I blogged before now is the time for all things RE: re-pairs, re-styling, re-thinking.

One of my previous garments that just didn't feel right was this Too Much Information Tunic.

 Originally a dress from January 2011 Burda Magazine, it was just not really suitable to wear anywhere out in the area I live in. Don't get me wrong, this is just a matter of acceptable style - the dress has a definite clubbing feel to it, something I do very rarely these days))) so I decided to crop it to a tunic length as you might remember.

Although I loved this picture, in reality the tunic wasn't very wearable due to the huge opening at the back. I thought about a few option- like waring it over a string top, or adding ties to keep it closed, but all of them didn't really work on this particular design. So I had to RE-visit it one more time, and I am very pleased with the result now:

To start with I cropped it yet again to the hip length and I cropped the sleeves as well.
I added crossed string detail and a row of buttons to keep the gap closed at the back. I will still need to wear an open back bra with this top, but it is so much more practical, yet pretty still, don't you think?

I used one of decorative stitches on my sewing machine for the hems- I find it looks and works better on knits than a double needle ( which always comes out looking too tight and unprofessional)- this gives the finish much cleaner look. And I top stitched the neckline to keep the welts in place. I also took a chance to parade one of my latest acquisitions- an A-wear skirt, I think it is so cute and goes perfectly with this Just Enough Information Top )))


  1. Love your remodel, the back detailing is fantastic bravo!

  2. Lovely redo! The crossed straps in the back are really fun.

  3. Well I loved the original, but I can see it is hard to wear so this was a great save and makes the back so interesting. Looks great with your new skirt.


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