Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I give you- Altered Couture!!!

I was looking through my blog reading list this morning and to my absolute delight I discovered there is one more sewing magazine out there that definitely worth more publicity and attention of the dressmakers in the world. With one small, but significant detail- it is totally geared towards up-cycling and re-fashioning. 


I came across this gem while reading the latest post from Ruffles and Stuff who's stunning projects is featured in this magazine regularly, and in my opinion so rightfully deserved. And this is how I went to check out what that publication is about, and how oh so amazing it seems to be. 
Just the current issue is full of superb ideas on up-styling, the instructions are so comprehensive and the photography is superb!!! One of my absolute favourites is this Parisian Rose Shoes up-styling project:
Here is another very easy super stylish ideas:

The bad news is that my sewing funds are very low right now, so the subscription is out of the question.

Too bad, Altered Couture, as all I want for Christmas- is YOU!


  1. It really is lovely, isn't it? I occasionally splurge when I'm at the bookstore and pick up a copy. Though I wouldn't wear everything in it, I think it is a rather inspirational magazine....I just wish the subscription wasn't so pricey!

  2. I love this magazine so much. I get my copy from the newsagent. if you PM me I can send you a copy.


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