Monday, December 5, 2011

Twisted Skirt

This is my first report following the last blog, where I shared the intention of making some skirts, based on my past obsessions. The first one to come is a balloon skirt

I was always a bit apprehensive about balloon skirts. I even found a lot of them too tacky and I was convinced a skirt like that would make my thighs look huge. Well, now I know I was wrong! The skirt pattern is from Burda magazine 8/2010- one of the Fashion Hit models (number 132)

Basically, the pattern consists of two yoke pieces (front and back) and a large square that you are supposed to fold lengthwise and misalign to achieve a twist. The magazine suggested a 90 degree twist, but I found it twisting the bottom part way too much, so I lessened the degree, playing around until it looks like the original skirt in the magazine (pictured on the right)

The pattern is very easy and the result is quite pleasing! The fabric I used was a very thin black suede-like material  with a  light stretch. I used some of it on my Matrix Dress.

Unfortunately the occasion I made that skirt for was a very sad one- my mom-in-law finally lost her battle with cancer and passed away last week at the age of 78. RIP Vera, you will be missed so much!


  1. Your skirt turned out lovely, good thing you went with your instincts and the balloon part though!

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mother in law - that is a lovely photo of her.

    Your skirt looks great, just like the Burda one so it is surprising that you had to change the amount of twist, but you did it by just the perfect amount.

  3. Unfortunately the event I created that dress for was a very sad one- my mom-in-law lastly missing her fight with melanoma and approved away a couple weeks ago at the age of 78. RIP Notara, you will be skipped so much! Spybubble gratuit


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