Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 projects

So here we are in 2012! Wow, I actually feel quite relieved that 2011 is over- it was a hard year for many people, full of stress and uncertainty and losses. There were lessons to learn, especially on how to let go of things and, unfortunately, people as well. Surely the new year does not mean those issues are all gone and we have a clean page to start with, oh no. But it feels so much easier to be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best, of course.
The few coming weeks seem to be quiet enough to spend some time in the sewing workshop, so I looked through my wish list and there are a few quite doable projects, I'd love to get started on.

The first on is a ruffled jacket from Burda 1/2012. I have an off-white light pique type fabric, that I purchased from Germany, that could be perfect. Although it doesn't have that soft look as the mohair coat on this picture, it is still very soft and non-crease and it frays beautifully, which I plan to exploit at the edges of the ruffles. Overall the pattern seems easy enough, I will have to get started on it this week.

The next is a stunning dress from La Mia Boutique ( November 2011). I have to say, that I was very impressed with this issue of La Mia Boutique- a couple of years ago I bought a few issues and the garments were... to put it mildly.... very extravagant. Yet this issue is packed with beautiful, really Italian style garments. Here it is:

I am going monochromic on this one, with a white/grey/black print lycra jersey and leather imitation grey jersey for the middle part. It might turn out very nice and different. Looking forward to making it so much.

These two projects are decided on, but there might be some more. Tomorrow we are planning a small shopping spree, so there is no point of planning to make things like skirts and trousers, when I might end up buying them on sale somewhere. I know i am on the look out for a nice black clutch and a narrow golden and silver belts. And my growing daughter needs head to toe wardrobe update, so wish me luck!

And just before I go- here is a round-up for my 2011 projects:

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  1. Both of these projects look like a lot of fun, where can I find this La Mia Boutique magazine, it sounds great!


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