Thursday, February 9, 2012

Silky dream

My latest  acquisition- this gorgeous silky fabric, I bought it on a private ads website yesterday, and was surprised when the postman knocked at my door in the morning with the parcel? I have never had such a fast service before- so impressive! If everyone here in Ireland had this kind of business acumen- it would have been a perfect place to be.

So, naturally, the next project should not be too far, however this time I will not be posting the finished garment photos in the afternoon, due to a few commitments. And also I am hemming the curtains for my sis-in-law... I really thought it will be an easy project, but little did I know! She brought me two packs of 90x90 inch pairs of curtains, to cut into 13 different ones for her mobile home.

Let me start with the fact, that there is not enough fabric to get exact measurements she needed, so I had to use ribbon to hem and add panels on top to extend the length. I have 3 more to do, but at this stage I am really sick of them! I also suspect, I am running out of ribbon and the tape on the top to finish in time GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Oh, the frustration! So maybe it is good I am off to Dublin for the day, so I can take a break from it all!

Back to the silky fabric- there is a lot of it, but I am thinking a tunic to start with, something to wear over leggins, so it must be long enough. There is a handy pattern in Burda 2/2012, 108 that is so far my first choice. But who knows?

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