Friday, March 30, 2012

Diana Moden- not just another sewing magazine

I have just received my sample copy of Diana Moden- a Russian sewing magazine, that regularly features Simplicity patterns.  My 6067 dress was featured in this year's February issue, however I had to buy an original pattern as I didn't have a paper copy of this magazine. 

I have to be honest, in spite of a huge debate on if it is right or wrong to use copyright piracy content, I personally do not hesitate in obtaining a digitalized copy of a sewing magazine with all pattern sheets if there is no way for me to get it otherwise. Diana Moden's issues can be often found scanned into a pdf's by an altruistic criminal, probably somewhere in  Eastern Europe region (God bless them) and kindly made available to download through numerous file sharing sites. 

Why do I use those files? Well, nobody is trying to make living sharing those patterns, so I gratefully accept and download. I have obtained an impressive collection of such names as Patrones, La Mia Boutique and Burda Style (those older issues that I do not have- I do prefer a paper copy any day and will honestly pay whatever the price for it). I have a few older la Mia Boutique issues, though it is much easier to buy them online these days. I have a couple of issues of Manequim and a big collection of knitting magazines too. I do not upload them or sell them, I just keep them on my laptop, hoping to use something sometimes. 

Now the challenge is in printing out those scanned copies. You really need to know the exact dimentions of the control square on the pattern sheet to get the right scaling. And there is where I have been failing. My printer just doesn't obey my instructions and keeps messing it all up. So I cannot really use them. 

Diana Moden is only sold in Russia, even though they have a website with a legal digital copy available for download, the access to it is exclusive to Russian Federation ( as you have to send a SMS to a Russian  number to get access code). They do accept an international bank transfer, but it is just too much hassle over a few euro worth magazine). The main attraction of this magazine is the fact that they feature original Simplicity patterns (4-5 patterns per issue) and this makes Diana Moden top value sewing magazine for anybody, even if you don't speak the lanquage. 
To my absolute delight, recently I found out that a company in Germany that arranges subscriptions to magazines published in Russian (I had a Burda subscription with them before it became available in my local bookstore) allows Diana Moden subscription as well. 

3 month subscription cost me 17 euro including shipping to Ireland (76 euro for a year). Even if just 1 of the 3 issues featured Simplicity patterns, that are sold for average 10 euro each, I see the benefits of subscribing already! What made my day even more- they offer a subscription to another popular Russian Sewing Magazine ШИК (Шитьё и Крой), which is now featuring either la Mia Boutique or Patrones patterns in every issue. 15 euro for three month is great, considering you cannot subscribe that easily to either of those magazines from Ireland. And you get all patterns fully, only a few month later.  So I am looking forward to the end of April, but when both of the magazine should have arrived. Bliss! 


  1. I have been reading your blog ages and I never realised you live in Ireland! I live in Dublin. Let me know if you'd like to have tea and swap some magazines or what-nots some time :-)

    1. Hi Aileen,
      thank you for your lovely comment. I am down in Courtown, near Gorey, don't really come over to Dublin very often,

      I can always trace a pattern for you if you need or something. And you are welcome to come down to the Sunny South East some times too.

      Something strange happened on your comment- it just didn't register on the post for some strange reason and I don't seem to be able to publish it. I am using "disqus" as my comment manager and this never happened before (???)

      Sorry if your comment is not there. I can see it in a dynamic mode though. They really should get their act together soon at Blogger
      Please stay in touch

  2. These look really cool, especially the Russian one.. It would be awesome to get Simplicity patterns in magazine format (they are so expensive here!) and the pink dress on the cover of the other one looks awesome! Also you have disqus now, yaay!

  3. Kui võimalik, tahaks allalaadimiseks linki. Neid ajakirju ei saa ka siint osta. 

  4. Ruta, I normally just google "download diana moden  ( and issue number) " or any other magazine I am looking for. There's hundreds of links out there, not just one place. The files normally are hosted on filesharing sites like or etc  just try it this way- I am sure you'll find something

  5. hi, i'm in northern ireland and i'd love these magazines?? i get burda and the odd patrone when i'm in spain but i'd love to get my hands on the russion one the diana modem one and la mia botique. can you let me know how i go about subscribing pleaase, thanks mary

  6. Diana Moden is by the way not a Russian magazine but a German one (hence the Moden = fashionS) and it is quite easily to obtain in Germany. Your German friend migtht pick them up for you - they don't cost a fortune and they cooperate with Simplicity.


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