Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gwyneth Skirt- My RTW Project, part 2

Remember a week ago I joined the RTW Contest  on , but I couldn't enter the Willow skirt I have made before, as the project must be completed during the contest period? 

Well, I have been doing a lot of soul searching one of the day, when a Glee episode, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow came up on TV. I looked up from my laptops screen just before she stunningly performed Cee-Lo’s “Forget You" and there it was- the inspiration MY RTW CONTEST entry!

The stunning grey mini skirt BOY  by  BAND OF OUTSIDERS has instantly brought the solution to my dilemma- not only I would have something for my contest, I would absolutely love to have a skirt like that! LOVE IT!!!!! Originally made from flannel, zip closure, two front pockets, lined interior and leather applications. I had some double knit jersey, satin bias trim and a brass zip- a key combination to success. Well, I hope. And as it seems impossible to buy a real deal these days, it makes all sence to just sew your own.

I used the skirt pattern form Burda style magazine 12/2012

I've altered the pattern a bit,  closing the side darts, transferring them into pleats at waist. I also changed the from piece into a wrap skirt piece.

The first challenge was to finish all edges with a bias trimming. Unfortunately i couldn't get my hands on a leather trimming, largely due to my impatience- I just couldn't wait to start on this project. And the absence of large fabric/haberdashery stores around worked it's magic too , of course. Too bad….

I used a satin bias tape to finish all the edges. As it is essentially a wrap skirt, that meant I had to work around the corners with my bias tape. 

Here is a full tutorial on bias tape and mitered corners how-to !!!!

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  1. What a stunning skirt. I´m impatiently awaiting the tutorial!

  2. Thanks, I have just posted the tutorial and the skirt is almost done too.

  3. It's such a good feeling when inspiration strikes like that, the skirt is looking great so far.

  4. I know, Most of the time I am in search of it, so when it comes, it is like Xmas every time LOL )))))))) The skirt is done, just need a good day for a photoshoot now


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