Friday, August 17, 2012

Breaking the Ice

I am a worrier.

I mean, I worry a lot and very easily, in spite projecting an image of a rather confident individual, according to some of my readers. So lately I have been worrying a lot about totally neglecting my blog. It is a very upsetting issue for me- first I felt no inspiration at all for weeks, and I wrote about it (by the way, thank you all so much for the support!) and when the inspiration came back, so did my recent promotion in work- I have been so busy, there is simply no time to enter the den…

So I am checking in to say, I am trying very hard to get back on sewing track. I took Oonabaloona's advice how to approach my sewing apathy and cut the prettiest fabric I had for a while, and was terrified to get working with (mostly,  I was afraid to make a wrong choice of pattern). So I did it and my choice fell on a peplum top from the cover of August Burda magazine:

It is done: the fabric is cut, and both the sewing machine and the overlock are threaded and tuned. Now it is up to me to find some free time (thank God, the football season starts soon, so I will get much more time to do my stuff)!!!!

Stay tuned, I hope the finish project coming up soon!

I have also found a very beautiful dress, that I would like to try and replicate sometimes- a grey wool blend 'Bizia Milano' dress from JOSEPH featuring a round neck, no sleeves, a front waterfall ruffle detail, a concealed zip fastening at the back and a short ruffle hem. I am not sure if I have any suitable fabrics in my stash for it, but I think it is absolutely adorable!

And lastly, my eye was caught by this Lena Hoshek Donna skirt:

It has a very interesting construction- basically, it is a full skirt with a ruffled hem, that is draped to the back and secured in place with the help of loops in side seams and a button below the centre back zipper. Very rockabilly, and it is taking Russian sewing world by storm, here is a version from Julia, from Sewing Galaxy, she has a detailed post on her blog too, but it is in German (she is a Russian living in Germany), so use Google Translator if you are interested!

I like the skirt, but the fabric choice must be very seriously thought through, as it might end up massive at the back. Loving Julia's version though!!!

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  1. I'm glad that you got your mojo back, and I'm very curious to see the peplum top! Good luck with sewing!

  2. Love this peplum top and skirt from Burda's August issue. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Being inspired by this lot is the first step back in the peplum top, and fingers crossed that more free time is coming your way soon...

  4. thank you, the mojo is back, but time seems to be hard to catch now ))))

  5. I saw a lovely one today on Burdastyle, so really hope I will be happy when it is done

  6. I MUST make time! The summer is almost over, and the fabric is very light!

  7. Good to hear you're back into it. Quite interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the pussyriot case. The whole world seems to be watching (and not doing a whole lot-apart from annoying hipsters that seem to have co-opted the whole thing in some way.)

  8. Mixed feelings on that one. To be honest when I saw their video on you tube, I thought- a bunch of mad c**ts. I disagree with orgies at the zoological museums full of kids and crashing the mass in the churches as an expression of their point of views. I think it is bollox and a case of hatred and hostility towards a social group ( eg: religious people) and it is a crime. I do not agree with the sentence though- it was obviously used for political power showcase. But the girls should be taught to learn to accept and not disrespect other points of view.

  9. Yea that's what I thought it might be: they're 'punk rockers' like the 80s British version trying to use shock/ outrage to push their cause. Again, don't agree with the sentence (they should be doing community work for two years instead XD) but obviously not the smartest use of meme tactics on their part. Then again, they are very young.. I was usually a 'good kid' growing up but I am glad no one paid attention to the rare silly things I said and did-must suck for kids now to fu*k up and find it all over social media within minutes XS

  10. I read a statement from their lawyer, and she said that the sentensing was actually very well explained in court, and , basically, as the girls did not accept that they were guilty and they didn't show any remourse during hearing, they must me institutionalizes to "correct their behaviour", so it is kinda self- inflicted. As we say here in Ireland- a lot of bollox )))))


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