Friday, August 3, 2012

Burda Style September 2012 picks

Last month I received a message on Facebook, from an online editor of Burda style Magazine, inquiring where I got all those pictures for the previews. Apparently, I had more of them than their own website previews…

Well, I honestly acquired all of them on their site. In fact, it is strange that they would upload so many photographs, if they only want some of them to be actually seen to the public. I used a little trick to check for images- nothing illegal, but I don't think it was appreciated.

This months, I am afraid, my luck ran out, they changed something on their site and I can only get as much as anyone else, who looks at the German site.

So here are my few picks from the 17 models they showcase:

I really love the 60s feel of this coat

Timeless classic!

The right choice of fabric will turn a simple dress into a couture piece!

This purple top reminds me of Audrey's grey pullover ( "Breakfast at Tiffany's")

The shirt is not the key- it is all about the accessories ( loving the gloves)

I love this dress- reminds me of my  Matrix dress, which is now given away, but… it is time for another one?

Can't do wrong with an empire waist dress- especially with black details- very chique!

My verdict for the September issue… don't know really. I will have to check out the technical drawing page before deciding on buying, but it looks ok to me so far! Here is the September's exclusive design number:

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  1. The think about the editor cracks me up, they've always seemed a bit messy to me, but this is a low point! :D They should appreciate that your sharing the photos will help them sell more issues...
    Anyway, I'm also on the fence about this issue, I'll have to wait for more photos and the technical drawings to come out. thanks for sharing as usual!

  2. es que es curioso que publicaras las fotos antes que ellos , pero mejor para nosotros
    Anilegra Moda Para Muñecas

  3. Sounds like they should hire you to run their technical department;-)
    We'll just have to wait and see how the whole issue looks a few weeks from now.

  4. Lol. Re the editor asking you where you got the pics and they were actually from their site. They should take a leaf out of your book and show more pics as not everyone has the same tastes, so they could end up with more buyers. Love the cuffs on that shirt aye, aye, aye.

  5. yep. exactly-all about the taste

  6. in our short correspondence I told them, the whole purpose is to promote the issue, and in their reply they said it is great that I am such a big fan….yet they put a stop to it LOL

  7. I think the underestimate the importance of the online/blogging sewing community... the Italian site doesn't even have user submitted images.

  8. Pretty funny that they asked you how you got those pics!

    Some of these new styles do look promising :)

  9. I love seeing your previews, and I absolutely can't believe Burda contacted you about them. I love the magazine, but they seem to have awfully strange business practices!!

  10. they didn't like me checking out the back end- half of Russian Burda fans know how to do it, and have been doing this for years, but oh well

  11. Got to wait to see the technical drawings. Also these previews are great as you can go to your old Burda magazine and check out if there are patterns for similar style(s) that you own already- it is very likely you do!

  12. BTW, now you can see the preview with the tech. drawings on Now sure I like it :S Well, the August issue will keep me busy anyway ;)

  13. Yes- the Russians are usually the first ones to get the sneaky peak of the upcoming issue


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