Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's CLEARANCE- some great bargains

What? First post since April and it is a sale???? Well. folks, yes! Been very busy working and literally no free time to spend with the family, let alone myself and my sewing workshop. Until now, and again clearance must pave the way to inspiration.

7 issues of Patrones Sewing Magazine

 7 issues, I personally bought during my travels to Spain, including one for children. Never used, each includes up to 30 multisized sewing patterns (That's the total of whooping over 200 fashion sewing patterns.)  Excellent magazine and stunning fashions. Cannot be bought in Ireland. Don't get me wrong- I love Patrones and have many more issues as downloadable pdf's, but some how these never got a chance, even though thee are very tempting patterns inside, that will be hard to let go, but as they haven't been used by now, I think it is time for them to make someone else happy.

€70 for 7 issues €7.50 extra to post to Ireland, €10.75 to UK/Europe and €17 everywhere else. 

№ 317 Especial Vacaciones
№ 297 Fiesta
№ 308 Prendas Elegantes
№ 293 Especial Vacaciones
№ 303 Avance Verano
№ 295 Avance Otoño
№ 288 Niños

AutoCad For Apparel Industry by P.B. Miller 

Phyllis Bell Miller is an assistant professor at Mississippi State University. She has twenty-eight years of experience in teaching courses including computer-aided design,visual design in dress, store layout and display, product quality analysis and apparel design and pattern making. Miller developed ApparelCAD, a totally integrated apparel design package for AutoCAD software, including custom menus, built-in patterns and new commands, and Display Shop, a 3D store layout and design applications package for AutoCAD.

A must have bible for Cad-assisted pattern drafting. All from software tools to pattern drafting techniques. Used- good condition, but looks a bit old from lying on the shelf for a while.

The asking price is €15 and as it is quite heavy, will cost €7.50 extra to post to Ireland, €10.75 to UK/Europe and €17 everywhere else.

If any of this is of interest, why not email me and we could arrange the sale?

  I am also selling some fabrics, check out the listings on (However, if you wish to get any of those email me using the link in this blog to see if it is available and what is the postage fee)

I really hope this clearance will get me started, I have a couple of things in mind and, hopefully, will be back on track one day. Still just wanted to say hello to everyone, and also thank those who migrated to following me on bloglovin also. It is nice to look at your blog after a few month absence and see 5 people in the live report reading through the past posts. And by the way, did you see the Burda 1/14 cover????? Best  Burda style trend to date in my opinion in a good few years. Just when they stopped stocking it in my local bookstore! Isn't it ironic????

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