Sunday, March 16, 2014

Burda Easy Fashion SS 2014

I haven't sewn ANYTHING for ages, having only fixed a couple of things, my workshop became a storage space/laundry room, and it makes me feel very sad to see my sewing machine abandoned in the corner... Yet this new Burda Easy Fashion issue is one of those that bring inspiration back to one's life. Or so I hope. It would have been so easy 20 years ago, when internet access was so much more limited and so slow, it would not take over most of my life. Do you know that in China they now treat internet addiction as a disease, you can even go to rehab to try and break the nasty habit? Well. I see exactly, first hand, how this addiction stops me from doing a lot of things I want to do. This and the bloody weather, that makes the house feel so cold, it just freezes me (back to the screen). It is a catch 22, I think I need that kind of rehab! And so does the rest of my family...

Well here is what inspired me today:

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