Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting back into it

Back in action and it feels great!

My last project, a peplum top, is dated August 2012. Wow... Actually, I am shocked!  I thought it was about a year, but this is more than a year and a half for a completed project... and it is embarrassing.
I didn't completely abandon my workshop- a few things were fixed and re-vamped, but nothing worth writing home about. There has been a lot of changes on the job scene, my new business took a lot of energy, plus acute internet addiction does not leave much space for the real creation - this is a new danger a lot of us facing, but to actually realize how badly you might be affected is scary. (Read more here, if you think you might be too digitally distracted) The addiction is as strong as nicotine or drugs and a lot of changes has been made to claim my life back. Including getting back to my workshop.

It started with a little repair job. Remember The Perfect Pants? They were really perfect fit, until I had a terrible incident with my back and ended up loosing too much weight, so they were falling off me. But I loved them too much to let go ( or so I thought), so I reduced them a bit in the waist and hips and they were back in action.... until I recovered to my normal size.  Here is the moral of the story- never judge your size straight after illness. Buy something in a smaller size you are for the recovery period- you will regret altering your perfect garment, and there is no way back.

Three times the Perfect Pants were in the "charity" pile and three times I pulled them back out, I just couldn't do it. Yesterday, I looked at them again and tried them on, and eurica! I thought of the way, which was so much easier than any other solution, and so obvious, but it just didn't occur to me. The waistband is sewn on so low, that when I took it off, the pants' legs fit quite well, so ALL I had to do is to construct a new waistband, the back part to be exact. The problem was that after 2 previous alteration the top of the back leg pieces were much lower than than in the front, so the waistband piece looks more like a yoke, and not  a fancy one. But you know what? I can wear them again and this is what matters.

Then it made me think. I am on the ball already, why not use the energy and the inspiration to make another pair of Perfect Pants? Plus a little obsessive dream of owning a pair of red trousers, and out went the fabric ( a bi-stretch gabardine I used on back to the Seventies coat) and the Perfect Pants pattern was in action once again.

Alterations- I had to take in 1.5 cm at the centre back seam to allow for my sway back and completely reconstruct the waist band to allow for the change, but apart from that, so far so good.

Tutorials: Obviously after 1.5 years a lot of techniques are forgotten, and I am go delighted to shortlist the tutorials that are helping me on the way:

#1 An Easy Flat Fly Front Zipper from Sandra Betzina

I think my fly has never looked better. The fabric I am using is not very think and any thickness will make it bulge, so I didn't go by my own tutorial and  this method turned out perfect! And took me probably 3-4 minutes, with the best looking fly curve to date!

#2 A waistband tutorial

So I am off to finish the work and hopefully the finished project will be coming up shortly! 


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