Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Scarlet Pants

This is the story of success and failure. After 1.5 years comes the first full project - The Perfect Pant #2, I will call them the Scarlet Pants.

For those who care: read about how this came to life in this morning post here.

Pattern: Self drafted "Perfect Pants" pattern

Size: approximately 36-38

Alterations:  I took on about 3cm in the original back seam to allow for the sway back, this realy messed up the whole thing and almost at the end I had to lower the front waistband by 2cm towards the centre front to achieve an even line and the fit I was happy with. The finished waistline is a bit low, but overall I am very happy with the style.

Fabric: Red Bi-stretch gabardine. Surprisingly well suited for tight pants. Did not expect.

Time to complete: About 8 hours in total including all re-makes and alterations.

Sewing Process and Challenges: It was a relatively easy project. The main challenge was fitting the pattern once again to my ever-changing body. I am a very lazy sewer and I don't have patience for muslins, so as a rule every projects hits the wall at some point ( usually when I stop to think how well it is going this time) and I discover a horrendous error, that could have been easily corrected have I made the muslin first and altered the pattern.) This time is was finishing the pants and trying not to see the gap at the back and weird pulling on the front- all corrected by ripping the front waistband off the pants and lowering it by 2 cm towards the center front. Stupid, unforgivable impatience...

Another disaster- the buttonholes. So bad- I am NOT even going to photograph them- I swore by snap fasteners before, why was I so arrogant. ( When I was a kid in Estonia, we had a lot of Atelier's, so all you have to do is mark the places, bring the garment to the workshop- and voila! you had super professional buttonholes, snaps, covered belts, etc. - whatever you wanted for a very reasonable fee. Sometimes, I really wish for a Time Machine!)

And one more small thing- I blogged in the last post about Sandra Betsina's Flat Fly Zipper tutorial. One correction- a great tutorial, but I think I still would like to cover the zip from the inside- it does not feel very nice, especially that mine is a metal zipper.

Overall, I would mark myself a B for these pants. Very wearable, but there is definitely room for perfection. But after a year and a half of NO sewing.... not bad!

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