Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Burda Style Magazine, February issue picks

 The new Burda's issue seems to evoke quite controversial reactions. On one hand, the models seem too plain, too square, but on the other hand, there are a few very cute ones, and I would like to highlight my favourites:

from the Fashion Hit collection I Love this dress, a bit futuristic looking, model 118 from February issue of Burda magazine. It looks like a non-brainer to make, probably in a day, but it could be fantastic for those shopping trips and midweek branches. Winter version is with a black pullover underneath, black tights and ankle boots.

...and in the same style and with the same practical appeal is this suede dress (model 117) 

Just bought an amazing embroidered suede fabric on ebay, perfect for this dress, it could be a real hit for the spring 2011!!!

Another garment that caught my eye in this issue is a mini skirt 120 (great alternative to shorts, that I still can't afford wearing (oh yes, I blogged about it before). I love the pleats in the front, its youthful look too, and it will hide all that needs to be hidden in the most flattering way!

and here's another skirt, that goes straight onto my TO SEW list (model 107). It shapes the hips amazingly and the high waist will definitely help your legs look longer.

Overall, I think this issue is alright and I am looking forward to receiving it in my post in a months time, for now though, i am going through the stacks of fabrics I owe and I want to dedicate January to de-cluttering my fabric storage boxes ( a bit of Flylady moment) by using up all fabrics I am not sure about. I can't even imagine what's going to come out of it, but i hope it will be fun!!!! Keep in touch!!!!


  1. I love your pics from Burda. My fav is that last high-waisted skirt.

  2. I am feeling optimistic about the February issue, there are a few things I will make I think. Your suede will be perfect for that dress!

  3. I love that pencil skirt too!
    I just posted my picks on my blog, if you'd like to take a look. :)

  4. I don't know if you made that 118 yet, but I made the shorter version of it 115, a shirt with pocket, and it was quick and cute, and now I want to make the dress too.
    (This was the first burda pattern I have made, and the second item period too!) I think that suede would be really great for the dress too!

  5. I haven't got the paper copy of this magazine yet- my subscription issues are always late. But I am so looking forward to making the dress. Loving my fabric too much to wait loo long- very tempted to make a similar dress asap, but my sensibility tells me to have patience


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