Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gok's Clothes RoadShow - 70's Glamour Look (from Channel 4)

Last night, while  I was flicking through the channels on the telly, I came across this fab program called "Gok's Clothes RoadShow", and was enlightened by a couple of tricks Gok offered up-styling and restyling affordable basic clothes into catwalk look numbers.

For those who are not familiar with this wonderful UK character, Gok Wan  is an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter of British Chinese heritage. His shows "How To Look Good Naked" and "Gok's fashion Fix" have always been high on my best fashion shows for regular people list.
And every show has something memorable and useful to take on board. However what I saw in this show, was super cool.

 I am not sure if i am breaching any copyrights by posting this, and if I am I will be happy to take it down, but it is so amazing I feel like sharing it to the world. The images were screen-captures from Channel 4 on demand player and you can see the full show here

70's Glamour Look:

You will need: 
  • a long halterneck jersey dress with long straps.
  • 3 pairs of shoulder pads (use at least one raglan - it wasn't suggested on the show, but the shape is giving it away)
  • Grosgrain ribbon in for a belt
  • Rock star XL studs (same width as the ribbon)
the original dress, how it is meant to be worn

First step- straighten the straps

Bring the straps forward under the arms

this changed the whole look of the back

Bring the straps back over the shoulders

Place your thick shoulder pads under the straps , creating American Football like shoulders

Using any nice looking headbands, place them over the shoulders and stitch them in

What an amazing trick, isn't it?

Take your grosgrain ribbon and add the studs, only enough to cover the front and sides of the belt

studs are very easily attached to the ribbon

Just simply tie the ribbon in a bow at the back and the look is finished.
Here are all the credits for materials used for this look


  1. It's like an evening infinity dress! I love Gok Wan, we will probably get this show in about 5 years time...

  2. Allison, this is exactly why I posted this- it must be shared worldwide!!!!

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