Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Current Projects- Work in Progress


I have a couple of fabrics that need to be used asap-

This is VOYAGE designer wool suiting fabric. 2 meters. It is quite light, yet warm maybe good for a winter dress, something with plain cut like the one in  Burda 11/2010

I also was inspired by Gok's Clothes Road Show (season 3), where he made a cropped jacket with frog fasteners, so I think this fabric could look very funky in a short jacket from Burda 12/2010  - however, I would make it single breasted and used above mentioned frog fasteners ( I have seen some stunning ones on ebay, but will check out our local shop first)

This is a sheer a bit stretch chiffon fabric. Very soft and light. Could make a nice little top/blouse. I regret now not making something out of it last season, when prints like that were a real hit though.

Still don't know really what to make out of it. Will trust my impulses I suppose. It needs a non-transparent lining, if I want to make a dress, but this fabric is so light, I am not quite sure what lining would work. Any ideas? I have a slight feeling it will end up in something like this eventually-

Here we have a shimmery wool blend fabric, I only have about a meter of it- I used it for a project before. It behaves well, but creases easily. My idea for it is a Karl Lagerfeld skirt I blogged about before. Just need to check if I have enough fabric for it.

However, on the other hand, I might go for something different- Patrones 296 had so many lovely styles, it is hard to choose the favourite. Here are some of them...hmmm, all yummy....

and finally, I have a bit of wet-look leather stretch fabric left over and look what I saw on Net-A-Porter.com today: amasing, I think! A bit of gathering and a bit of grosgrain- fab!

So this is what I am up to... have any comments, tips or ideas? Do let me know!


  1. Juliette, you are so stinkin' hip! I wish I was a little edgier in my design aesthetic, but I'm more of a classic girl. Sometimes I'll go out on a limb, but generally I like to stick with more... I dunno, I hate to say "polished" because your looks are definitely polished... maybe basic? But that sounds like white toast, no butter and hot water with a slice of lemon. Well whatever. You know what I mean. Perhaps American Sportswear Classic, though that's not right either... Bah! What I'm trying rather unsuccessfully to say is that I love the way you dress and design. You're gorgeous!

    Anyway, I think that lovely chiffon would look divine in Vogue 1190. Love that Tracy Reese dress! Definitely my cup of tea!

  2. Thank you so much )))) Unfortunately, I am not sure I have enough fabric for that Tracy Reese dress, but I hear you.... Going to look through some magazines to see what I can do with my fabric length

  3. So many great things in the works here, you're going to have a pretty fabulous wardrobe when they are done!

  4. вот бы научитсья шить ))

    первое платье из бурда моден прям мое! мой стиль!

  5. Wow, so much stuff to do, uh?
    I love the jersey dress and the Karl Lagerfeld skirt as well. About the skirt, though, I read that it's REALLY short and that most people who did it have lenghtened it... Just a heads up!


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