Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 in 2012: My goals drafted!

 I firstly want to thank Su Sews So-So for sharing the idea. Setting up goals is great to keep yourself off the couch and in the sewing room. So when I found this challenge, I decided, it is for me.

So here are my lists ( I am cross the achieved goals off and adding a link as the year progresses:

12 Garments to sew:
  1. A Summer Cardigan
  2. Dress in colour blocking
  3. Red Straight Leg Trousers ( I want to draft the pattern from a pair of perfect trousers I owe)
  4. Wildcard
  5. Wildcard
  6. Trench coat
  7. Wrap jersey Dress
  8. Wildcard!
  9. Hand draped cocktail dress
  10. Corset top
  11. Biker Jacket
  12. 4 Skirts of various shapes: pencil, A-line, Ra-ra, Half-circle

12 New Sewing Techniques with Tutorials:
  1. Setting in sleeves (must finally master this!)
  2. Welt pockets
  3. Lined pockets with flaps
  4. Bound buttonholes
  5. Jacket lapels and collars
  6. Crisp corners on waistbands
  7. Custom Shoulder Pads
  8. Perfect Pleats 
  9. Drafting pattern from ready to wear made garment (pants)
  10. Using a Blind Hem Overlock Presser Foot tutorial
  11. Wildcard!
12 "Never-done-before's" to Try:
  1. Vogue Pattern
  2. Butterwick Pattern
  3. Manequim  Pattern
  4. La Mia Boutique pattern
  5. Sew from a vintage pattern
  6. Make a bag
  7. Model a few types of sleeves
  8. Use boning in my garments
  9. Draft my own pattern 
  10. Wildcard!
  11. Wildcard!
  12. Wildcard!

If you like the idea- please join us and let me know how it is going!

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