Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Latest Additions and Latest Mistakes

My latest Library Addition

Setting up goals is a great thing. My problem is always picking the next project. I know a lot of seamstresses that have a few things going on at the same time, so they more or less have no issues of "nothing to do"s and "what's next"s. Personally, I tend to start on something and try and finish it and love it and adore it (if applicable LOL) and then I feel this emptyness with a Big Question in my head again. Last time I decided to make a ruffled cardigan ( which I made) and a lovely dress from La Mia Boutique - pictured on the right. Now i might like it, you might love it, but my husband actually hated it and said that there is no way this will suit me and it is going to make me look like I belong in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" movie! As a toon ! Wow!

That was enough to put me off the idea of making it ))) I still love it though, but even more so I love my husband and his wonderful blunt ways of making sure I don't look laughable to the world. And if it sounds bad, believe me - he is mostly right about these things. (Don't worry I get him back for it!)

Then another thing- I ordered this black and silver fabric called Silver Shine from , a great site with fantastic bargains and excellent customer servises. The fabrics are always very good quality, fast delivery and so much information available about the purchased fabric, its composition, care advice, etc. I also bought a few luxury lining fabrics there (photos on the right). My white Winter Mood Cardigan's fabric was also purchased there. My favourite part on the website is that you can zoom the fabric, just hovering over it with cursor and really see what you are getting. Only that I didn't look properly and didn't read properly. I just decided it looked like a wool blend thick-ish fabric. Why? See the small images of sample garments on the bottom? Do not be fooled- they are generic models with this fabric intelligently superimposed, so you kinda have a chance to see its uses. Only it forgets that there are such attributes as stiffness and flowey-ness (if that is even a word), so some fabrics will never look like that in those garments in reality. That is what I failed to understand- and ended up with this very soft polyamide see through fabric with a knitted look. When I went back to the site- I realised- that what I saw on the fabrics photo, so i only have myself to blame for it!

So now I have a dilemma- what to do with it. The quality is fantastic, it is not some rag or something you would easily give away. And even though I already set my 12 in 2012 garments to sew, I am thinking.... why not make two of the same goal points. I am talking about a summer cardigan. I think this fabric is perfect for something very simple like this:
This is from Burda Style 1/2011, 126. I would only change the length as I only have 1.5 m of the fabric, I will have to make is just below hip line long, if I am even lucky to get that much out of my piece. It looks dead easy, I might even finish it by tonight if I get started in it straight away. Wouldn't it be interesting to see if I will? Well, no time to waste then, my friends! Talk soon. xxx


  1. Yes that see through fabric would probably be great as this top and I'm sure you'll whip it up very quickly! That fabric site sounds amazing but I'm sure shipping to Canada would be crazy!

    1. Bri- just out of sheer interest, try to go through the check out and they will give you the price for shipping. Considering great discounts o the fabric, shipping might be quite reasonable ( p.s.: I do not work for them,LOL, but they were fantastic so far


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