Monday, June 25, 2012

Best of 2012, part 1

June is coming to end and here is a chance to reflect on the first half of sewing in 2012.

I think I could have done a bit more, perhaps. But I was really distracted by a massive research into downloadable pattern production and some baby steps of my own in that direction.

I am surely not the only one that could admit that more than half of clothes sewn end up hardly ever worn, if ever worn at all. Today I went through my wardrobe again and realized that so far 2012 hasn't been too disappointing.

There were a few really nice items, here are my absolute favourites, that are definitely being used more than often (in no particular order):

The Gwyneth Skirt (not to forget the free PDF pattern)

and, of course, my perfect pants, although the newest addition, they are definitely worth including!
So far so good, and  it seems to turn into a wonderful 2012 collection-thanks to my new camera ;)

Hope you like my choice!

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