Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shorts? Shorts!

Have I mentioned how delighted I am with my Perfect Pants pattern? Oh yes, only but a hundred times already! LOL! However, talking is not good enough- I have put it to use once again and this time, getting ready to our (motor) biking trip in Mallorca, I now own a pair of denim shorts too. 

Those who follow my blog from the start might remember me contemplating the whole idea of shorts on a pear shaped body, but these do look ok. But I am not planning on making and wearing more shorts - not the most flattering bottom garment of all. One pair will do.

A quick word about the pattern. Obviously, every fabric will behave somewhat differently in the same pattern. I realized that the previous pair of trousers were quite snug and made sure the fabric I was using for my biking shorts had a good bit of stretch in it. 

It started with a drama though, as I simply forgot if I have added seam allowances to the paper pattern last time. And it was crucial with such a tight fit, so I truly panicked. However, after double checking with the Perfect Pants it seemed to have no allowance and I moved on, hoping this was not the sign of things to come. 

Although I am extremely happy how the first pair came out, there still a few things that need to be adjusted on the pattern, and making these shorts really highlighted the need for it. I am talking about my seriously  swayed back. There is a very prominent dip between the waist and the buttocks and all my trousers always stick out at the top back there. 

This pattern features a wide yoke, which I had made out of 2 pieces at the back, rather than a whole, hoping to eliminate the gaping. But I don't think it solved the problem much, as the yoke looks a bit V-shaped at the center back seam and then the top edge of the trousers (or shorts in this case) looks wrong.  I am wondering if cutting the back yoke as a whole piece on a bias could make a difference? Anyone?

Usually, I do a good bit of research beforehand, but this time, the issue came up in the middle of sewing, and  (I admit) it was due to a simple case of laziness on my behalf, that I didn't re-draft the yoke pattern piece. I just added a narrow belt on the top, and it worked for this one. But I am definitely going back to my virtual drawing board to address the sway back issue before using the pattern next time. Would any of my readers have a good advice or a tutorial that might help? Please post it here in the comments, it will be so appreciated. 

The look of the shorts turned out to be very retro- completely unintentionally, as normally I don't sew retro pieces. but I love it, it is very sixties- hence the style of the photos, the real colour is quite vivid blue, I also love my cute anchor button (close-up photo on top).

So far so good, I am delighted with the shorts,  as I said earlier, one pair will do-  and it will do quite nicely!

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  1. Beautiful work! about the bias yoke idea- just don't forget that twill (especially denim!) will stretch differently toward the warp than the weft. I think your shorts, styling, and photos look great!

  2. you are right, but what if it was interfaced? I am just thinking of the solution for future

  3. Juliette, I think you have done an incredible job on getting the fit right. I read back your post on all the muslins you made - such a lot of work - it looks perfect to me. I'll be very interested to see what changes you make to the back yoke.

  4. I am definitely going to crack this sooner or later ))))

  5. Thanks- they will still have to pass the big biking test ( I hope they won't fall apart in the middle of the journey hahaha!!!!)


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