Saturday, June 30, 2012

Burda Style August picks

I said it before, and I am saying this once again, Burda has been pulling it off with stunning photographs and no really valuable content for most of the issues this year.  Each time, I love the preview, but when I pick up the magazine in the book shop- the pattern technical drawings reveal quite a boring, uninspiring picture. I don't appreciate baggy dresses and shapeless tops. I want fitted cute ones and the ones, that may be a little challenging to make, but so much more rewarding to wear. 

I wanted to make a top for my biking trip, but the closest one to what I'd like was from the 2008 issue- bit too far back, isn't it? I am glad ( at this occasion) to have all those stacks of older Burda magazines in my wardrobe. 

I think I finally will be buying the new, 8/2012 Burda style issue. It is not only offering stunning photographs, but also some interesting styles and patterns too. Here are a few of my favourites, there is also much more on my Facebook page (link at the end of the post):

nice neckline

simple but stunning
very cool

amazing on taller girls

absolutely beautiful

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  1. Oh my! I´m going to buy it too! If only for the yellow peplum dress! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Ooo thanks. The first Burda I have ever bought was the May edition which I was impressed with but after that, I thought the Burda's were a pale reflection. The August one looks fab.So I will be purchasing that too. Am only a beginner so I won't be attempting the road map until I have experience of regular patterns re construction as Burda's instructions are sparse.

  3. I think recently the photography alone sold the issue- the patterns were quite bleak. You know, it is a funny thing - Russian edition Burda instructions are amazing- the whole 5th of the world sews from it because of the comprehensive instructions. I think German instructions are good too. They should fire the translator or get one who can actually sew ))))

  4. oh yes- love it

  5. Yiyaa! Lots of goodies in the August issue! (To be honest, the July one sucks). Love this coat! I've been looking for some nice coat patterns (for tall gals) but could not find anything flattering. And, here you go! I also love the silver dress!

  6. yes both of them are fab!

  7. I haven't been loving Burda lately with the many shapeless garments. I think I'm gonna take a Burda magazine break for at least the next 6 months. I do like the look of the peplum though.

  8. Totally agree with you with the beatiful photos to no content ratio. Thank you so much for sharing the preview, I never seem to find it (or better, to find the complete preview) on the Russian site, and right now I can't even load the home page...
    This looks promising, fingers crossed, for when the technical drawings come out.
    p.s. love the new look of the blog!!!

  9. Hi Anna, The Russian burda site migrated to their own platform as the old one was managed by Germans (funny how everyone now want's to get away from the Germans this year) , but seriously, their site is now here - it is kind of like the Burdastyle, but a bit different, I am still getting my head around their new format ( and my language is Russian, so there is no issue with lingo) but it is not very comprehensive. Hopefully they will get all that sorted.

  10. I think I haven't unfolded a Burdastyle issue for over a year, even those I bought

  11. I always look at the complete preview on the german site. I actually like the german site best! :-) I almost always find one og two things I love in every Burda issue, but having said that I totally agree with you one the fact that more and more models are boxy/non-fitted, But still, what I love most is, that they've started making "tall-girl-clothes"! Most commercial patterns are made for women of 1.68 m and I'm 10 cms taller. :-P

  12. Hi just letting you know I have nominated you for the Sunshine and Liebster Awards. Don't worry if it's not your thing, am just fulfilling my end of the bargain lol. Details are on my blog.

  13. I think they have always made a couple of patterns for the taller girls, at least in the last 10 years. They do petites too- which is me)))

  14. Oh Thank you so much- I posted it on here


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